How To Use OCR PDF Feature In Wondershare PDFelement


We have been scanning documents for a long time now. Offices around the world thrive in it. Document scanning is an essential part of office workflows around the world. But have we taken advantage of the complete potential there? Unfortunately, we have been a little slow in doing that. However, Wondershare PDFelement bridges the gaps in our document scanning workflow and brings it into the 21st century.

Part I: What Is OCR PDF Technology?

To understand the full potential Wondershare PDFelement unlocks for your business and everyday workflow, you ought to first understand what is ocr pdf because PDFelement is not just a PDF reader like the other most commonly found alternative, Adobe Reader. OCR is the technology that enables your operating system to read the images scanned by you and recognize languages and layouts to help you perform tasks you never could before.  

Using Wondershare pdfelement for mac users can work smarter by way of eliminating the usual donkey work they had to do when dealing with scanned documents. How? That’s because OCR PDFs are not images. Instead, they are fully machine-readable, allowing you to perform actions on those files like you would on any other document on your computer, including the ability to search for text inside the document, copying and pasting text, even editing text within the document! That last feature costs a fortune if you want to go the Adobe route!

Part II: What Is Wondershare PDFelement

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Wondershare PDFelement is a PDF editing software with capabilities such as OCR that takes your productivity up a notch to a new level. Using Wondershare PDFelement users can perform various tasks on their scanned documents such as editing both text and layout, not to mention searching, signing, and collaborating on documents thanks to cloud file interoperability.

There is no steep learning curve, the software is easy to learn and understand thanks to the Wondershare design philosophy of minimalism, and it runs natively on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Part III: How To Use PDFelement To Convert PDF Documents

Using Wondershare PDFelement to convert scanned files to OCR PDF documents is easy. So easy, in fact, that there are only 3 steps to the process. Download Wondershare PDFelement to get started.

Step 1: Launch PDFelement and click Tool > OCR Text Recognition 

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Step 2: Choose your document language, page range, type setting and DPI.

Step 3: Click Perform OCR.

That’s all it takes. The document is now ready to be edited like any other document. 

Part IV: Why Is Wondershare PDFelement The Right Tool For You

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Wondershare PDFelement is not a glorified PDF reader like several of its counterparts. It comes with serious technological underpinnings that are right there with the best in the industry. How so? 

At the heart of Wondershare PDFelement is ABBYY PDF engine. ABBYY is a revered technology company that pioneered Optical Character Recognition and is the reason behind PDFelement’s OCR prowess. But that is the core. Here are features that are outward-facing and users will get to use every single day:

Scanned documents are usually image files. Sure, you can read the document, but your software cannot unless the software is equipped to do so. Wondershare PDFelement can not only read PDFs but using OCR PDF technology, it can also let you search through the document like it were any other. This is a serious timesaver in the modern age. Searching is as easy as using the search bar!

Edit PDF Documents

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No more do you need to go back to your source file and make changes and create a PDF again. Now, with Wondershare PDFelement, you can use PDFelement to make changes to documents within the app itself, saving you several minutes per day going back and forth between documents if you are tasked with making adjustments to documents frequently.

Work Anywhere With Cloud File Interoperability

Wondershare PDFelement features cloud file interoperability that lets you store documents in the cloud and access them anywhere there is internet and a device with a supported operating system – be it Android, iOS, macOS or Windows. This way, you are never out of reach when needed and can work on files as per need.

Digital Signatures On Documents 

The world operates on email today, and businesses recognize electronic signatures on documents. Why not take advantage of it! Wondershare PDFelement allows you to digitally sign documents from anywhere in the world, making you available for important decisions whenever you are needed, and allowing your business to run as smoothly as it can, no matter where the decision-makers are.


Wondershare has always strived to create the best software it can and make it available to as many as it can. The same philosophy is at work in all Wondershare software products, PDFelement being no exception. It is an affordable PDF editor with serious chops that can more than compete with any other software in the industry. With its ABBYY PDF engine, Wondershare PDFelement gains OCR technology support that is arguably the best in the world, coming from the pioneers of the technology, and lets you save time and boost your productivity at work through features such as editing scanned documents, searching through scanned documents, working and collaborating remotely on documents, and signing your documents digitally with ease.