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How To Use Plants To Nail The Latest Home Decor Trends

Home Decor Trends

“Let’s make your home a better place for plants to live”

Indoor plants can never go wrong. There are countless ways to adorn your house with indoor plants. These will not only add an aesthetic vibe to your house but also soothe your eyes with their serene green color. A little of your care and attention and these tiny plants and seedlings will freshen up your house. But maintaining a healthy growth of your indoor plants is the real deal. This article will enlighten you about ways to make your house look trendy and also some great tips to maintain healthy indoor plants. So, let’s get started!

Choose the room space

Before diving into the world of beautiful and refreshing plants, you must know your home or room space. Decorating the room or any part of the house needs to be done according to the less is more principle. Just add plants where they are actually required. When you finally find an empty corner in the room that is well ventilated, get a nice pot with adequate drainage, fill it with soil, and add your favorite plant to it. Simple! Isn’t it?

Choosing the plant

But that’s not all. Making the right choice of plant is the next and most important step. The best plants for adding a trendy look to your home are the Good Luck Plants. Their varied shapes and color variations will add that special “good luck” to your home. If you are wanting to have a low-maintenance plant that will not keep you much busy, then the ZZ plant is one reliable house plant. If just want to add a minimalistic hint of nature to your room, then succulents are the best choice. Not needing much water and aeration, succulents or cactus are the easiest plants to keep.

When choosing the right plants for your house, the next magic trick that most interior designers secretly do is layering and texturing. Layering plants from tall grass to tiny cacti will be an up-to-the-minute addition to your living room. Simply and cleverly collect plants of varied leaf shapes and lengths and manage them together in a single setting. This way texturing will help you get rid of the monotony of seeing the same plant every morning.

Think about planter arrangement

Plants can look extremely attractive when put in the right kind of planters. Yes, planter arrangement also plays a vital role in making your house look aesthetically pleasing. Endless shapes, colors, and modern designs will add a fun element to your house interior. Often neglected, choosing the right color of the planter can either make it or break it. It’s better to go with the theme of your house when deciding on the color of the planters. But if getting confused, then white is just the right option. As white is associated with purity and calmness, it will have that soothing element to your house. If you want some color-popping around your house, then going for shades of blue and green can also add a relaxing yet fun dynamic to your home look.

Utilize the right tools

Finally, when all decisions regarding the plant species, shapes, and color of the planters are made then comes the most essential yet overlooked part, that is, getting the right tools for the caress of your plants. The common and must-have tools include a hand fork, pruner, hand rake, trans-planter, and a watering can. But to most of your surprise, the best thing that can happen to indoor plants are grow lights. These special lights will help your favorite plants stay alive and bloom throughout the year. Now how that’s possible? Grow lights are effective because they produce the vital blue and red wavelengths of light that are necessary for sustaining plant growth.

Now, to some of you thinking that keeping plants at home is much a toll. Do not forget that plants are an efficient way of producing moderate levels of oxygen. These natural air purifiers will filter out all the impurities and fill your home with some fresh and pure air.

Final Words

In a nutshell, every home is incomplete without some refreshing plants placed in beautiful planters. Indoor plants not only fill up the empty corners but also add some calmness, personality, and most importantly oxygen to your home. Choosing the best match of plant species and planters is the key step toward making your house look trendy but pleasant at the same time.