Give your Home a Brand-New Look with These Decor Tips

Decor Tips

Famous for being one of the most picturesque destinations in South India, Kochi has become a hot spot for real estate buyers. An all-season harbour attracts investors from all over the country to settle here and build their own nest in this charming city.  The most fun and attractive aspect of building a home is home décor, it gets people excited about the big change of relocating and moving houses. Looking for the best interior designer in Kochi to help you out with this mammoth task? Look no further, we’ve got some of the finest home décor tips from the best interior designers in Kochi. Keep on reading and learn how you can create some of the best interiors in Kochi: 

  1. Home Library

There is probably no better way to show off your book collection than a beautifully built home library. There is a growing trend amongst people to create their own little reading nook in their houses. The best idea tip for making a beautiful home library is turning your entire wall into a full-length bookshelf. This idea is great for places with plenty of windows and natural light coming in. Some of the best interior designers in Kochi recommend installing plenty of hanging light fixtures in your home library. They not only add a rustic industrial look to your home, but they also make sure you won’t have to peer your eyes while you read. 

  1. Canopy Beds

Who wouldn’t want to sleep like royalty in their homes? Canopy beds are a home décor trend that’s getting a lot of attention all over the world, and Kochi is no exception. According to the finest interior designers in Kochi, canopy beds are a classic décor item that can never go wrong for people looking to add a royal touch to their homes. They are a historic piece of home décor with an elegant feel to it. This is your sign to ditch the regular old beds and bring home these royal yet cosy canopy beds.  

  1. Beautiful Browns

Every year has a distinct colour that becomes a public favorite of all home décor junkies and interior designers alike. For 2022, this colour is chocolate brown.  Some of the best interiors in Kochi have used beautiful chocolate brown colours for their wall paints as well as their soft décor items like pillows and bedsheets. Interior designers in Kochi agree that this rich shade of brown has an inviting quality to it. It creates a cosy feel and makes your space more homely. For a more unique feel, ditch the grey interiors and embrace the richness of browns. 

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  1. Maximalist interiors

This is a trend that came in reaction to the minimalistic décor trend. This maximalist decor blooms with layers of print, colours, decorative objects, and in some cases indoor plants as well. Maximalist interiors have lots of colours and patterns. This is a trend that has made a comeback in 2022, Some of the best interior designers in Kochi advise people to add vintage elements to their maximalist interior, this helps give your abode a unique character and style.  Your favourite vintage piece will have no trouble blending in with your maximalist interiors.

  1. Curved Pieces of Furniture

Curved furniture became popular in the 1970s when designers began to embrace a more feminine perspective to modern design, and now it has made a refreshing comeback in 2022. Interior designers in Kochi say that curved pieces of furniture are a great stamen piece for modern homes.  There are several ways to incorporate it into your home’s design, regardless of your style, budget, or square footage and They make a bold statement. A furniture arrangement that reflects the curvature of your curved furniture will provide a unified effect. Assemble furniture in a loose circle around a central point for a laid-back and cosy setup.

  1. Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a great way to experiment with your plain and dull walls and give them a life of their own. Wallpapers may not be for you, but colour-blocking wall paint is definitely for you. Interior designers in Kochi recommend combining contrasting colours in different blocks, shapes, and lines giving any design a brighter, more dynamic, and personality-filled look. Colour blocking is a more minimalistic alternative to heavy and cluttered wallpapers. 

  1. Outdoor Designs

Outdoors is just as important as indoors and finding the right furniture is key for an inviting backyard design. One awesome interior décor tip is to bring your indoor design aesthetic outside as well. If you’re going for a bohemian décor, opt for mesh furniture. These mesh pieces of furniture add texture to your design. Take advantage of the pleasant weather of Kochi with outdoor sitting areas. Interior designers in Kochi advise incorporating floral motifs into your outdoor design. To bring this style to your backyard, use vibrant colours, flowery drapes, distinctive accent chairs, and painted pottery.

Now you know some of the most dynamic and useful décor tips from the best interior designers in Kochi. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you, then you can hire reputable and reliable interior designers from Liv space. Liv space offers the best interior designers in Kochi, all you have to do is sit back and relax while they make your dream home a reality.