5 Website Building Features That Are Time And Performance Boosters

Website Building

Having a website is one of the most important aspects of owning a business. Picking a very good website builder can help boost your online presence which is the main reason for wanting to own a website in the first place. To successfully boost business success in the digital space, you need to be able to marry the best website builder with the best web hosting service. Choosing the right website builder depends on your knowledge of what exactly each provider will be offering, especially the features, value for money, how easy it is to use, and how much support you would be getting. Here are some website-building features that are time savers and performance boosters.

Ease of use

One of the reasons why people will patronize some website builders will be because of the ease of using them. A website builder is supposed to be designed for the average person to create and launch a website as quickly and as easily as possible. So, if there is no ease of using a particular builder, it could waste your time. No one wants to spend too many weeks building a website just because he or she is using a web builder that is not straightforward or has an interface that is confusing to follow. 

People prefer to use website builders with all the dots to connect and no missing features. So, the ease of use of a website builder is a very important feature. It should come with a drag-and-drop builder, editing tools, and customization options so it can be easy for beginners to use.


Most people that build websites always prefer to use website builders that offer the most value for the price since it is a competitive space. There are some important questions to ask like:

  • Does it offer a free domain?
  • Is there free Transport Layer Security (TLS)?
  • Is there free business email?
  • Are there free eCommerce features?

If the answers to all these important questions are not ‘yes’, then the real question would be how much a small business owner would be willing to spend on these additions?

Website design template customization options

Most website builders give you access to the template’s HTML/CSS codes for more advanced adjustments and customizations. This way, you will be able to change the look and feel of your website. So an ideal website builder should be able to allow you to change things like the font, colors of characters, layout, and even the background colors. If a website builder does not have all these features then it would mean you may have to rely on other options to customize your website. This would waste your time.

Pre-formatted web page layout

This is one feature that can make people endeared to some website builders. It is good when your website design template gives you a head start by granting you options of the basic design elements like color, font style, and layout. However, what if you need to add more items to the website to make it more appealing but don’t know where to begin from? This is where a pre-formatted web page layout comes in. 

They come with placeholders for images, text, and other most commonly found items on particular page types. You only need to pick the one that fits your needs and then you can replace the sample with your own ideas. There are a number of new trends that this feature can be used to achieve. If you want your website to rank high and do good on google navigation,  you can work with an SEO consultant to ensure the best results. 

Customer support

It is expected that a good website builder should provide the user with an easy-to-use interface. However, there is a need to be sure that if issues arise, there will be 24/7 customer support to cater to that. Customer support is a very important feature that a website builder should have. It will save you a lot of time. With active customer support, people can build their websites faster, get all their questions answered, and also save time while at it.

Final word

You need to make sure that the website builder you choose is a time-saver, performance booster, and able to handle your needs as your business grows. Most website users offer an instinctive drag and drop interface to build your new website. It is good to take advantage of the trial accounts or free plans from most website builders. Some even offer a money-back guarantee to test drive before making a final decision.