Enjoy The Sunrays: Tips For Having The Perfect Beach Day

Perfect Beach Day

Experiencing the feeling of nature and a place you feel safe can do some very important things to your body. It can lower your blood pressure and stress hormone levels. This is the reason why people go to the beach. The sight of a few trees, sand, water, and of course the sunlight can lessen any feelings of anxiety and nervous system arousal that can cause stress. Going to the beach is great but how do you create the perfect beach day outing for yourself? Here are some tips.

Wear sunscreen and apply them frequently

It is a great feeling to have the sun’s rays touch your skin while enjoying the cool breeze made possible by the moving waters. However, you need to be careful not to expose your body too much to it. To protect your skin from too much radiation from the sun, you can apply sunblock with the right amount of protection factor. If you plan to swim with the sunscreen applied, make sure that it is resistant to water. You also need to reapply the sunscreen every couple of hours. With the right sun protection factor, you can spend so many hours in the sun without having to bother with any potential damage to your skin.

Have drinkable water around

When you are at the beach on a sunny day and with all the cool breeze blowing against your skin, you will be getting dehydrated as time goes on. So, if you must stay hydrated, you need to have some bottles of water with you depending on how many hours you hope to spend on the beach. It is easy to forget that you need to get hydrated while your body is losing essential salts and water during physical activities at the beach. You can guide against that by just drinking some water and sports drinks at regular intervals. These will restore your body’s salt and electrolytes. Taking lots of fruits along in your cooler can also solve the situation. Fruits like watermelon and pineapples that have high liquid content can help you stay hydrated.

Wear clothes that are not too tight

People go to the beach not just to enjoy the sun rays or swim in the waters. They also get involved in some activities at the beach like horse riding, volleyball, beach soccer, and even tug of war competitions. Since there are lots of activities, it will be good to put on some free clothes and not ones that won’t allow you to move your body freely. For the ladies, there are a number of women’s dresses to choose from to have a perfect beach outing. The guys just throw an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt on with a pair of shorts. Just make sure it is something you would be comfortable in.

Go with some bedsheets

The bedsheets can serve as something to sit on instead of sitting on the sand directly. It may not be waterproof but it can come in handy if the weather becomes suddenly unfriendly. If the rain starts suddenly or there is a thunderstorm, all you need is to grab the four corners of the bedsheet since all the items you are making use of are on it and put the corners together. That way, you can move all your items quickly to the car and not do several trips to get everything into your car. 

Know what the flags and signs mean and watch out for them

Whenever you go to a beach to have fun, you need to also be careful not to extend your fun to the dangerous areas of the beach. You need to know what the colors of the flags mean and the signage These are always positioned in some parts of the beach to show that it is not safe to go beyond them. A red flag means danger lies ahead. It could mean a region of strong ocean currents. A yellow flag means the ocean currents are moderate and so you need to exercise caution. A green flag means an area is safe for swimming, especially for beginners. Blue or purple flags are not usually common but could mean there is a presence of some dangerous marine life like jellyfish.

Final word

Beach times are always fun times. However, there are stories of people losing their lives on a beach trip. So, it is a priority to stay safe while on the beach. Other things like the fun you can get while being safe can come in. Listen to the lifeguards, stay hydrated, and as much as possible, do not tour around alone.