Daily Sleeper! All You Need to Know About the Daily Sleeper Brand


What is the Daily Sleeper?

The daily Sleeper is a Ukrainian fashion brand of multifunctional apparel founded in 2014 by Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa. The concept of the brand lies in the idea of the «First Walking Sleepwear» which can be worn both at home and outdoors. Women caught an idea to combine the most comfortable part of women’s wardrobes – pajamas – and unique and highly fashionable style. Right after the designers created their first line, Sleeper’s first customers realized how comfy and stylish high fashion sleeper PJs are, especially wearing them for an evening out! Isn’t it cool? Daily Sleeper has already conquered a big part of the world’s fashion market and has become one of the most favorite women’s brands. The vast majority of ladies praised Sleeper linen outfits, which are truly exceptional. Here we have a business that has evolved from a pajama manufacturer to a prominent casual clothing design. That’s probably the key to understanding why Sleeper knows so much about how to make an item of clothes as pleasant as possible to wear. And that is why women adore daily Sleeper clothing outfits so much.

How to understand the daily Sleeper?

The success of Sleeper, is perfectly clear, given what a fabulous idea lies at the heart of the brand’s philosophy. The idea of wearing high fashion linen pajamas when going out. This unrepeatable concept helped two young Ukrainian designers to win women’s hearts all over the world.

Brand Sleeper supports artisan manufacturing traditions and ethical consciousness. Seamstresses handcraft all pieces from natural, eco-friendly fibers. Because the garments are custom-made in the Sleeper sewing studios, there is zero excess production. Many of the artisans have 30 years of work experience, while others have just graduated from college. But all are paid competitive salaries and ensured fair work practices and a safe work environment.

“Thesleeper stands for slow fashion. High quality, timeless, and chic yet sustainable garments are essential to our brand,” say Zubarieva and Varetsa. “We wanted to build a company whose aesthetics would infiltrate every product as well as our internal relationships, our customer relations, and our approach to solving problems.”

Zubarieva and Varetsa say that being appreciated, feeling proud of, and respected by clients, employees and partners is the greatest reward of their work on thedailysleeper. The greatest challenge they face is that their company is based in Ukraine. “Already in our youth, we lived through two revolutions, and now the country is at war. Those are real problems. So, everything that we might consider to be a problem we choose to treat as an exciting challenge for tomorrow.” 

DailySleeper – Ukrainian brand with social responsibility

Born during the Ukrainian revolution, the brand continues to work and support the national spirit even in these turbulent times of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Now Ukrainians feel their national identity and strength. And the brand’s team feels the power to create, sew and share unique, beautiful clothing that is still handcrafted by Sleeper. The brand’s goal is to spread light, the ability to see beauty in simplicity, nurture self-love, and care for the people around. 

The brand donated 1,000,000 hryvnias to support the defense activities of the Ukrainian military and calls for others to follow this example in the name of peace. Moreover, in April dailySleeper donated funds from all online sales to the Ukrainian largest children’s hospital “Okhmatdyt”, which provides medical care to kids from all over the country. 

Sleeper clothes: there is something for everyone!

It is an axiom for this company to make incomparable suits and dresses with a unique style. This Ukrainian brand has been providing a unique and fresh women’s style for 8 years and continues to show its best. Starting with pajamas and continuing with light dresses, this brand does not stop. Summer dresses, loungewear sets, and many more sleeper clothes novelties are now available to make your summertime experience brilliant and adorable. Don’t you want to see and try it right now?

Besides dresses and loungewear sets mentioned above, Sleeper can also offer:

  • Linen suits
  • Daily Sleeper pajamas 
  • Jumpsuits
  • Cardigans
  • Swimwear
  • And even shoes

Each of the above categories includes several choices of outfits, so it becomes obvious that the range offered to customers of the daily sleepee brand is quite wide and diverse. Moving back to the new daily Sleeper women’s dresses and suits, wearing them would be great for any summer activities that everybody loves. Change our minds if we are wrong, but most people like picnics, summertime walks, playing badminton, etc. Daily sleepwr dresses and suits made of linen, which is a favorite material for many customers, are comfy and do not restrict your movements while doing some activities mentioned before. At any hour of a hot summer day, these dresses provide the freedom of summer delight mixed with unique style and charm. And, to keep warm in your favorite dress, say, on a chilly evening in early September, slip one of your Sleeper shirts over your shoulders, for example. Just take the top from a unisex linen pajama set to complete your evening look.

Moreover, their quality is the highest because every single dress is designed by professionals who, while manufacturing new items, assume customers’ comfort as priority number one. 

To see for yourself, just take a look at the new arrivals on the official website of the brand – Dynasty suit with flared pants or light shorts of your choice, and a French Kiss Dress – will add new colors to women’s autumn outlooks and will certainly make eager fans of the brand happy. Sleeper’s new collection is, as always, dedicated to having fun while wearing comfortable clothes mixed with a unique style. No matter what your plans are for this fall – to enjoy a late vacation during the mellow season at a resort, celebrate the height of September in your favorite parks around your hometown, have your last, until at least spring, out-of-town picnic, or to immerse yourself in work tasks – daily sleepr will get you looking brilliant and iconic all the time.  And even if you are the pickiest fan of the brand, Sleeper will keep pleasing you with stylish, comfortable, and elegant clothes, which we are going to show you.

Some highlights of Sleeper clothes

Many brides have a desire of wearing a white Sleeper Atlanta linen dress, which is quite simple to achieve. Decorated solely with ruffles, it can be complemented with a variety of jewelry and accessories for the occasion. The bride, her bridesmaids, or guests attempting to compete with the brightness of the newlyweds’ image will all look good in white Atlanta. 

When crafting an outfit for a particular occasion, a wide range of colors, sizes, and a winning style will always come in handy.

Sleeper’s Rumba linen suit is a brand new way of comfiness. It’s designed in a relaxed fit. A skilled design team from the Sleeper family carefully crafts each item. The linen tie-front shirt and ruffle-trimmed slacks make the most adaptable statement because they are made to last and elevate your style.

Dynasty linen blazer’s appeal comes in its adaptability; whether you wear it to your upcoming business meeting or brunch date, it will undoubtedly fit. This dress will keep you appearing put together all the time with its broad shoulders and fitted design. It can be easily combined with both Dynasty linen shorts or pants, depending on the wearer’s preferences. State-of-the-art Sleeper’s Dynasty linen suit could be found in different colors, such as:

  • Coral
  • Off-white
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Black

Bridal pajamas – the incredible idea of Ukrainian brand Sleeper!

Amaze your guests with something entirely fresh. Without a doubt, Sleeper brand bridal pajamas are a work of beauty. Choose your comfiness and unrepeatable appearance instead of typical wedding dresses. A novel approach to wedding ceremony attire is the bridal pajama. They are all you need if your event occurs during a warm season of the year because they are light and bright. They are also chic, sophisticated, and distinctive. They also provide you with a chance to feel unique. On your honeymoon journey, jammies are also acceptable. It would bring back memories of your wedding, which was a joyous event and one of the most significant days of your life.

Sleeper sets – the best way to wear the high fashion-created outfit

Stuck on creating modern looks by combining your old garments? Sleeper sets are your solution! It’s an excellent chance to unwind and avoid thinking about irritating things. Everybody who has already tried this masterpiece created by daily sleepwr undoubtedly agreed how cozy these sets are. They also added that it is hard to choose another outfit after buying Sleeper’s loungewear sets.

A lovely fabric that fits beautifully, lets your body breathe easily in warm weather, and is delicate to the touch is linen. Excellent linen clothing makes its wearers feel comfortable and valued. The loungewear sets from Sleeper are also perfect for morning jogging and other activities like shopping, riding a bike, yoga, etc. It won’t feel too tight on you because of how straightforward it is. While performing some tasks, it is comfortable and does not restrict your movement. 

Additionally, these sets come in a variety of sizes, making it possible for everyone to discover something that fits them. The suits from the Sleeper simplify and spruce up daily chores. 

In those linen suits, either a pool party or a round of badminton would be fun. Women’s loungewear suits would undoubtedly make the day more relaxing and comfortable. You can fully participate in any activity without feeling uncomfortable or clutched by your clothing thanks to the linen fabric and stylish, comfy style of these suits.

Any set, created by Sleeper brand, whether it’s loose and light linen over-size pajamas, equally suitable for beautiful ladies and strong, stylish men, a business suit Dynasty, which will help you create the perfect office appearance or playful summer Rumba, provide their owners with the same sense of home comfort and self-confidence.

Color it to feel the brightness of summer!

If you want to add some more colors to your wardrobe scheme, sleeper’s clothes made of linen are also available in different colors! Lime, pink, lavender, azure blue, navy, and other colors of your linen dress or pajama can make you unique and charming. They could be easily found on  as was mentioned before. All colors are special and unrepeatable, so it is down to personal preferences in choosing one. Those colored linen dresses would be a great update for your previous Sleeper’s design or something new, and even unexpected maybe, for those who have not tried brand outfits yet. You would not believe how stylish and comfortable summer dresses can be! Moreover, Sleeper’s dresses are available in a wide size line from XS to XXXL, so they would be convenient even for expectant mothers.

Follow the brand on

As we mentioned before, there are many more options to be noticed, including brand new swimwear and Sleeper’s famous party pajamas, and footwear. All of the sleeper’s clothing is available on the sleeper website and could be easily found in the respective categories. Users also can subscribe to the Sleeper news service to stay tuned to the latest updates. Wearers from all over the world know that the Sleeper logo on their clothes is the highest guarantee of quality, comfiness, and style.