Top Cricket Betting Strategies To Stay Ahead


A sport that is highly regarded in the sports world is the gentleman’s game known as cricket. Many more countries may participate in games like soccer or basketball, but cricket is still widely followed and sports bettors love it in particular.

In fact, if you are looking for the best tips when moneyline betting, or placing any other types of wagers available at online sportsbooks, look no further. We have compiled the top cricket betting strategies, to ensure bettors make informed bets. It doesn’t matter if it’s local or international games, you can use these methods to your advantage and stretch your bankroll even further. Let’s get started.

Analyse weather and pitch conditions

The type of surface where the game will be played and the weather has a massive influence on cricket more than any other sport.

These elements vary from match to match. Yet there is no way to establish a standard for them or a uniform comparison since doing so would remove the appeal of the game of cricket. Yet, understanding the characteristics of a cricket pitch can be helpful, and the weather surrounding these conditions can also be used to draw useful conclusions.

When there is no indication of grass on a cricket ground, it is safe to assume that the batters will have an easy time with it. No ominous clouds and a sunny day favours the batsmen even more. 

You can be assured that the fast bowlers will have a good day when the pitch has grass on it and there are clouds in the sky. This is because it is favourable to their equipment.

A cricket field with creases and other wear-and-tear characteristics means that slow bowlers, or spinners, may have the upper hand when they enter the match.

Understand the cricket team’s mentality

Understanding a cricket team’s mental aptitude and mindset is a crucial component of any wagering strategy.

The game of cricket has its ideas and methods, just like other popular sports. They vary from person to person and team to team. It can be very helpful to understand what makes a team or individual player tick to draw useful inferences about how that squad or player may perform under duress.

In limited overs or one-day cricket, a team that relies more on its attacking players concentrates on going for runs without giving much thought to getting out while batting, uses aggressive tactics, and aims to take as many wickets as possible while bowling should be better off than the type of team mentioned above.

Examining a specific player or team

Analysing a team’s or player’s form is another vital step that sports bettors must take while developing their betting strategy.

This may be obvious, but the stronger team typically wins even if the weaker team is in better shape. This is true not just for cricket but in all sports. Nonetheless, it can be applied quite effectively in this sport. 

In cricket, the performance of specific players individually also matters a great deal. Cricket is a team sport, yet it also significantly depends on individual performance. And you hardly ever see teams win matches solely as a result of their teammates’ combined efforts.

Every cricket team has two or three game-changing players who have the “X-factor” and significantly affect the outcome of the match. The best thing for the people who bet on these athletes is for them to know their current shape, strengths, and weaknesses.

Understand the difference between series and match betting

One useful feature of betting on cricket, particularly test cricket, is that it can cover a team’s outcome whether they win or tie.

Because a specific game is used to place bets in match betting, it can be distinguished from series betting.

For instance, bettors can wager on the outcome of a Test match, One-Day International, or Twenty20 International between India and Pakistan to determine which team is most likely to win. Although this is the most straightforward way to wager on cricket, players must first be familiar with several basic facts. Before sportsbooks decide to pay up, for instance, a specific number of overs may need to be completed or a specific number of wickets may need to fall.

Series betting is another area in which these bettors might dabble.

Cricket is frequently played as a bilateral series between nations, in contrast to the majority of other popular sports. Also, it is sometimes played in a tri-series format, which involves three countries instead of just two. Some of the most well-known series that bettors can wager on include:

  • The Chappell-Hadlee Trophy between New Zealand and Australia
  • The Ashes  which is a Test series between England and Australia
  • The Border-Gavaskar Trophy between Australia and India