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How to Plan your Perfect Vacation in the U.S


If you think it’s time for a well-deserved vacation, where better place to do it than in the U.S.? This country of dreams extends widely like an enormous stripe in the central part of North America, between Mexico and Canada, giving you a vast territory to explore and discover.

This means that, unless you have a lot of time on your hands to travel through the States, it is best that you previously prepare your itinerary and the desired places you wish to visit.  

Despite traveling being much easier and available every year, you must revise your travel documents to be valid and set, before initiating any travels abroad. Keep in mind that there will be required documents and forms that need to be appropriately filled out for a successful application. We advise you to check out **iVisa**, a practical agency we encountered, where you can finish get your travel documents online in a matter of minutes. 

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Once your paperwork is approved, you can head to the USA on the dates stated to the migratory office and begin exploring this amazing country. It isn’t a secret that we are talking about the world’s third-biggest country and one of the most diverse. The options will be numerous, and you need first to decide if what you are looking for is a beach, a lake, a mountain, a valley, a big city, or an island.

The number one destination for foreign travelers in the US is New York, and there is more than one big reason why many are applying not only to visit but to stay as well. This is the busiest metropolis in the country and receives around 50 million visitors annually. In addition, it is the most populated city in the country. This city never sleeps. You can enjoy different tourist activities, delicious food, shows, and lively nightlife. Of course, you will see it once you get there, but we do advise that the first thing you do is buy a MetroCard to enjoy all the things the city has to offer. In any case, this city’s grid system makes it easy to explore by subway, taxi, or on foot.

An iconic place in New York City is Times Square. The screens and lights are so bright that they can be seen from outer space, and it’s one of the most visited tourist attractions on the planet. This active part of town is where you will find an infinity of stores, restaurants, ABC studios, and the famous New York Times newspaper office. Fun fact is, the place was initially called Long Acre, but with time, people changed its name. For musical lovers, don’t forget to stop by Broadway. You will find an enormous variety of shows, you may be able to snap up a half-price ticket to one, and it’s right next to Time Square.

In Manhattan’s midtown, you can find many of New York’s iconic symbols, like the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center, to get the city’s most amazing views. You can also visit Grand Central Station or Fifth Avenue for a fantastic shopping spree around all the shops and boutiques of the area, an epicenter of the retail world. There are so many things to do in this city that you’ll lack time to see and do it all.