How to Choose a Perfume That Suits You?


Scent has a connection with our memory. That is why we get flashbacks whenever we smell something familiar. Wearing perfumes is not a one-stop shop art. Generally, wearing perfume is a personal preference. Whether new to scents or a fragrance fanatic, choosing the right cologne that suits you can be daunting.

It is normal to get overwhelmed while going through the information provided by a fragrance counter. A simple sniff of your favorite scent can bring nostalgic feelings or take you to the field of dandelions.

Finding your elusiveness is not a destination but a journey you go through, testing hundreds of scents. This guide will share tips to help you choose a perfume that suits you.

Choose Your Notes:

Every perfume comprises three notes that work in synergy and deliver a scent that relaxes our minds. On their own, the notes are not potent, but when combined, they provide a precise pleasing cologne.

The ingredients will vary depending on the scent, like geranium, rose, or gardenia. The three notes are;

·         Top Note:

Have you ever sniffed a scent with which you fall in love instantly? The top or head note is the opening scent of perfume when we first spray it. Top notes are lightweight and last up to 5-15 minutes before fading in the air. 

Top notes play a crucial role in deciding whether or not you are going to like the scent. They comprise different ingredients that mix to define the opening scent. 

For instance, if the perfume is floral, the headnote elements will be rose, lavender, or jasmine. The ingredients will be Bergamot, Mint, Lemon, or zest for a citrusy scent. 

·         Heart Note:

After the top notes fade in the air, the heart or middle notes start. They got the name since they held onto the aroma the top notes created while introducing new notes. Heart notes are long-lasting and make up 70% of the scent.

Simply put, the scent you most smell while wearing perfume is the heart note. Again, depending on the perfume type, the ingredients will vary. Musky or black opiume parfum femme dupe will contain ingredients like Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Pepper.

·         Base Note:

Base notes are heavier, richer, and sink deeply into the skin for hours. Simply put, perfume is your favorite because base notes dry out and remain on your skin. The standard base note ingredients for woody cologne are Sandalwood, Amber, or Musk, while for a floral perfume, the ingredients are Vanilla, Orange Blossom, and Neroli.

Understand Your Preference:

You can’t select a perfume that suits you without knowing your scent profile and preference. Don’t think about the notes, their ingredients, and how they mix- think about what scent you like to smell. Citrusy, flora, or Woody?

A few of the standard categories perfumes fall into are as follows;

·         Woody:

Woody scents are popular among men. As the name suggests, these scents are inspired by wood. They are usually opulent and warm, and the most common ingredients they contain are Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Musk.

·         Floral:

Most women wear floral scents. Floral perfumes smell like freshly-cut flowers. These mild scents are a fantastic choice if you want to smell fresh out of the shower.

·         Fruity:

Fruity notes combine readily to give a scent of sweetness and depth. Consider fragrances with darker fruit, like blackberry, if you prefer musky aromas. Additionally, seek the best fruity fragrances with notes of strawberry and apple if you want a juicy-smelling scent.

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Final Thoughts:

Choosing a perfume that suits your style might be a challenging task, but one thing is sure you will learn and explore more about the colognes. Instead of paying time to how notes mix and create a pleasing aroma, try to know your scent profile. Moreover, shop at Dossier to have the best scent at reasonable rates.