6 Reel Ideas to Increase Your User Engagement

Reel Ideas

Reels: The short-span videos have successfully taken over practically every social media site, according to the word on the street. However, as more businesses and creators join the vertical video bandwagon, your Instagram Reels and TikTok feeds will get increasingly cluttered – and competitive. 

Unlike Instagram Stories, which are a series of short-form videos that expire after a certain amount of time, Instagram reels are short-form films that can be stored on your profile indefinitely, unlike IGTV, which are long-form movies that can be altered and created. While they can be viewed as a sequence, each video in the stream stands alone.

Instagram Reels is a great place to show off amusing behind-the-scenes looks at you and your brand, as well as unscripted peaks at your products or services. Reels video’s laid-back nature alleviates some of the stress that comes with creating and editing video or broadcasting live video. To increase engagement on your Instagram posts, follow these methods.

  1.  Use Transitions And Edits That Are Unique

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Although you may believe that 15 seconds is sufficient time for everybody to view a video from beginning to end, people have demonstrated that 15 seconds is sometimes too much time to invest in a boring film. Add some fascinating edits and inventive transitions to keep viewers’ attention focused on your reel for a longer time.

A cut is a straightforward but abrupt transition from one scene to another. You can use it to reposition yourself in front of the camera, record from a different angle, or zoom in with yourself or your subject. It does so in an abrupt manner, causing the eye to jump a little. This little hop helps keep viewers’ attention on the video, which keeps them watching for longer.

Transitions are more difficult because you’re trying to accomplish more than just cutting from one scene to the next. You may try to blend one scene into another or create a transition that deceives the audience and keeps them looking to see what occurs next.

  1. Select Your Audio Carefully

It’s as easy as pressing a button to add audio to your reels. On the reels creation screen, the music note symbol will bring up a list of songs you can use in your film.

Using trending audios is a tried and true approach to getting your content seen by more people. Of all, these aren’t a “secret weapon” for ensuring interaction; they just increase discoverability and reach. It’s still up to you to persuade viewers to watch for longer periods and connect with your content.

Because the reels are just 15 or 30 seconds long, you’ll have to choose a suitable section of the track to play. You can use the video’s live audio or add voiceover tracks if you don’t want to use music. 

Alternatively, you can also check out the latest and trendy soundtracks on Instagram, and then make your reels. There are higher chances of your reel featuring in Explore tab using this method. 

  1. Invite Your Audience To Perform A Duet Or Remix With You

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You can invite people from your audience to comment on your films and share their views and opinions, “blindly react” to the info or content you’re sharing, or simply interact with your post in a fun and playful way by simply asking your audience to reply by Remixing [on Instagram Reels] – you can have people of your group respond to your videos with their thoughts or ideas, “blind react” to the information or content you’re sharing or simply connect with your post in a fun and playful way by simply asking

Because every Remixed / Stitched reply increases the number of new people who are exposed to your original piece of content, these interactions boost your account’s visibility. You can also buy views for your videos and visit Megafamous for this.    

  1. Make Q&As A Part Of Your Instagram Reels 

Nothing beats the intellect of your group when it comes to coming up with content ideas.

Simply grab a question from one of the comments and incorporate it into your next Instagram reel. This strategy will result in a collection of content that is only loosely related. It will also keep your customers coming back for more because they want their inquiries to be answered. You’ll get additional questions the more questions you answer.

  1. Custom Thumbnails For Reels

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When you make a new Instagram reel, you may choose a thumbnail, which is the still image that will appear on your profile. You have the option of selecting a clip from your video or uploading a new image. You can give your Instagram reels a consistent, branded look by designing a title template on your favorite graphics editing program.

The thumbnails for your reels will not appear in the Explore stream. Custom thumbnails, on the other hand, will make it easier for people visiting your Instagram profile to locate videos of interest, find answers to queries they may have, and get a sense of the type of content you produce without having to scroll through all of your reels.

  1. Make A Sequence

You can develop an ongoing series to get your audience interested and coming back for more content, whether your purpose is education or fun. Make sure to share your hook right away, and then indicate that this video is part of a series, as new viewers may not understand what you’re talking about if they watch video number 3 first.

Each post should introduce the series’ theme before directing readers to “watch prior X videos to keep up.” Look at you, accumulating all that additional viewing time on your other videos!


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When a site like Instagram introduces a new function, it is pushed into users’ feeds at a faster rate than previous additions. When Instagram introduced Instagram Stories, the platform’s stories began to acquire significantly greater visibility and reach than the Instagram feed. Similarly, when they introduced carousels, those postings generated far more engagement and exposure than their regular photo posts.

Following this pattern, it’s no wonder that Instagram Reels, the company’s most recent addition, gets considerably greater reach and visibility than other sorts of Instagram content.