5 Streaming Sites you Should have on your Phone

Streaming Sites

Cord-cutting streaming sites have taken over, and we aren’t complaining. With the future we all talked about, streaming and bingeing have become the ultimate pleasure. As we progress into the future, we crave and demand more ease and comfort. With smartphones in our hands, we are bound to be always up-to-date.

These flat screen phones have become the supreme gadget that has replaced many traditional things like calculators and computers and now have omitted cable too. We aren’t sure what other things a single-hand device will omit, but what we know are the top streaming applications you should have on your phone.


Gone are the days when we used to binge ads and sit in front of the Tv for hours and hours. We have evolved and are not greater than before. If you are a hardcore sports fan, ESPN needs no introduction, whereas if you aren’t, you still must have heard of ESPN. Well, ESPN plus is now the up-and-coming sports streaming site. With access to many regions, you can enjoy multiple channels. With the FIFA World cup airing in November, ESPN should be a must-streaming site on your cellphone.


With streaming giants growing daily, we have all grown bored or have gone through all the titles available on Netflix. Do you also need something new to watch? Well, Hulu is your saving grace. With the best shows and movies, and more than 3500 titles, Hulu has a vast library you can enjoy. 

Hulu also has a live TV option and a bundle package that you can avail of. With over 30 channels in the live streaming option. You will never run out of content to watch on Hulu in India.


For the k-pop lover and the otaku head in you, ViuTV is a top-notch streaming site. ViuTV is the most popular streaming site in Asia. The platform is ranked right between Disney Plus and Netflix. If that’s not an achievement, then we dont know what is. Pooling in content from various countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and more, ViuTv carries a diverse range of shows and movies. With permission to stream The Naruto anime, attack on Titans, and many more animes, ViuTv is an absolute banger of an application on your mobile phone.


HBO has been around for a long time and has been a giant for as long as we can remember, showcasing the best shows and movies. Finally, however, the channel emerged with a new debut—a Sister brand made for streaming, HBO Max. In partnership with Warner bros and Discovery channel, HBO Max has more than 2000 movies and 500+ shows with multiple episodes and seasons.

The platform not only streams movies and shows but also has many movies and documentaries as part of the streaming library. So, for example, if you want to stream the Katrina babies documentary, it is exclusively available on HBO Max.

HBO Max has a diverse collection of classic and new shows you can watch, like Friends, Games of Thrones, and the house of dragons. The platform is worthy of appreciation.

BBC iPlayer 

BBC news is the ultimate broadcasting unit we all know about. The news and sports broadcasting platform have an app by the name of BBC iPlayer. If you desire to be up to date with the happenings around the globe, BBC is the streaming channel for you. The site has an easy-to-configure application and is popular as a free sports streaming channel. For example, the BBC iPlayer will be streaming FIFA live online if you want to catch the action unfold for free.

As there are so many more sites you should have on your phone, but considering this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are so many streaming site options out there, these 5 together, I’ll have you covered in all directions. We can vouch you won’t need another streaming site.

Getting the right streaming site can be the investment you need. With content from all corners of the globe. Enjoy the best streaming experience. Let us know if we have missed any streaming platforms in the comment section below.