Why You Should Buy Annex Matting For Your Next Camping Trip?


Caravan annex flooring is every ardent camper’s best friend since it offers a plethora of advantages when enjoying the great outdoors. As you settle into your favorite position, this sort of flooring will complete your outdoor camping setup, allowing you to make the most of your caravanning vacation. Among other benefits, using annex matting decreases the likelihood of tracking dirt into your caravan, provides a nice underfoot surface when spending time outside, and allows for faster dispersion of dirt and water.

There are several Caravan matting solutions on the market, so selecting the best one for your unique needs requires some thought. Aside from selecting the correct size for your annex, you need also to consider the sort of surface it will be placed on. That’s grass in most trailer parks. You’ll need annex matting that won’t harm the grass in this scenario. Some individuals choose less expensive matting to save money, and while these items may be enough for comfort, they may not be as practical.

Some campers will choose the less expensive option of employing shade cloth. However, while the cheaper price may appear to be an appealing option, there are some drawbacks. Shade cloth, for example, will not be sufficiently strengthened around the edges if purchased by the meter, making it more prone to tearing and fraying. Depending on the materials used to make the campervan matting, eyelets may be required to peg the mat down and maintain it in place. Sticking pegs through a shade cloth may impair their capacity to stay in place.

In addition, because shade cloth is commonly used to keep the sun off of you, the weaving will be considerably tighter than that of a regular annex mat. Dirt, on the other hand, will have a harder time flowing through the weave, causing the grass beneath it to suffer. Furthermore, because it is woven fiberglass, water does not spread as quickly, making it slippery and unsafe to walk on when wet. Keep an eye out for annex mats available from trusted suppliers. Here are three well-known instances.

Matting For Outback Explorer Meshed Caravans

It is intended to keep waste and grime from creeping up the mat while yet allowing the grass beneath to breathe. Furthermore, it does not allow dirt to travel through, and if it becomes dusty or sandy, all you have to do is sweep it. The mesh is UV-stabilized and rot-proof, and the edges are hemmed for added strength. Hose it down or shake it up after your camping trip to make it seem brand new.

Camec Caravan Flooring

The Outback Explorer mesh matting is comparable to this mesh matting. It’s made of tough, tightly woven strands that don’t bunch up. It comes in a bright green color that is neutral enough to complement most caravans. Because the fabric is permeable, grass may grow beneath it while bigger stones, dirt particles, and insects are kept at away. It’s a long-lasting, UV-stabilized, rot-proof matting. To keep it in good shape, rinse it out and shake it up after use, much like the Outback Explorer.

Caravan Enduromat Matting

This is a high-end mat at a high price. It was designed in Australia to withstand the severe conditions of the Australian outdoors. It’s composed of PVC-welded fiber, which makes it smooth to the touch, attractive, and stimulates grass growth in high-traffic areas. It is simple to sweep because of its smooth surface and fine weave, but it can also become slippery. It’s also one of the market’s few fire-resistant annexes outdoor mats. Finally, unlike most other mats, it can be folded up into a little container.

These outdoor accessories, such as moveable awnings, are a worthwhile long-term investment that should be carefully evaluated. They aren’t cheap, but they will add a lot of value to your journey by increasing your outdoor space and keeping your trailer clean.