What Makes the Plunge Pools an Ideal Choice for You? 

Plunge Pool

When summer gets hot, people have only one wish to submerge in water or jump in a pool. There is nothing more refreshing than diving in your swimming pool. However, owning a pool is a luxury for many people as they do not have much space for building a home pool. 

Still, you make up your mind to build a swimming pool at home. While exploring the swimming pool options, you will come across many. One among them is plunge pools. It is evident to have many questions about it, such as what it is and is it the right option for you.

At the same time, you will wonder about the plunge pool. If you are curious about plunge pools, you can opt for Gordon Ave Pools &Spa for more information. The specialist team of Gordon Ave Pools &Spa can help you get the ideal plunge pool for you and make the installation smoother and quicker. In this article, let us talk about the plunge pools.

About plunge pools and prices

To begin with, let us talk about what are plunge pools. A plunge pool is a small dimension swimming pool with around 6 feet in depth and an average size of 10x22feet. You can find plunge pools of fibreglass, vinyl liner or concrete, designed for cooling off and leisure rather than swimming. 

Several factors affect the price of the plunge pool. These factors include –

  • Material
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Area 
  • Extras

Why choose a plunge pool?

People choose plunge pools as it does not need a larger area for installation. The lone features make it the best option for people. These pools are small but have the depth that allows you a ton of space to swash about without tearing up your garden.

Even though these pools are small, they are nothing like a kid’s pool. The plunge pools come with the equipment of an enormous variety that includes –

  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Stairs
  • Seats
  • Ladders

These pools are exceptionally versatile as you can find them in different styles and shapes. When it comes to building, the round is the most popular choice. You can also find them in rectangular, oval, geometric and square. You can also have the chance to choose between concrete and fibreglass varieties. 

Another reason why people choose plunge pools is the perks that come with them. These pools are cost-saving and look stunning. At the same time, they have various installation options and are easy to maintain. Plunge pools have many similarities with hot tubs. However, these are great for relaxation. 

They are a perfect option for people who want to splash around instead of training for the Olympic freestyle championship. One of the biggest perks of these dipping pools is their installation versatility. If you do not have enough space in your backyard because of its size or other stuff occupying the place, you can still install a plunge pool in your backyard. 

Backyards with unique designs and shapes can also squeeze in a plunge pool. The installation flexibility, simple maintenance and low cost make these pools a viable option for many people.