Urfi Javed Father Name, Father Job, Father Age, Where is Urfi’s Father?

Urfi javed siblings

If you keep up with Instagram or standard entertainment news portals, you know who Urfi Javed is. Her name doesn’t require any introduction because people know her irrespective of their age.

Besides her presence on Bigg Boss, what has helped Urfi Javed gain further recognition is her bold and unique fashion sense. People have criticized her, and some even appraised her for her outgoing personality, where she prioritizes herself and what she likes.

One of the most common questions about Urfi is wanting to know more about her parents and background. If you are curious about the same thing and wish to know more, we have all the details in this guide.

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Urfi Javed Father – Ifru Javed

If you are curious about Urfi Javed’s father’s name, it is Ifru Javed. Her mother’s name is Zakia Sultana, and that’s the extent of information we have about them.

There seems to be very little information available on the internet about Urfi’s parents. It could be because Urfi doesn’t share a close bond with them or due to privacy concerns.

According to the, her father was abusive and his behavious forced to attemp sucide.

Either way, Urfi prefers not to discuss anything about her parents publicly and tries to keep things out of the media speculation. We tried to dig deeper to find out more about Urfi’s parents’ backgrounds but to no avail.

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Urfi Javed Siblings

Urfi Javed Siblings


Besides limited information about her parents, there isn’t a lot that we could find about Urfi’s siblings as well.

Urfi has four siblings, three sisters and one brother. Her sisters’ names are Urusa, Asfi, and Dolly Javed; her brother’s is Sameer Aslam.

Urfi has been open about her family struggles in several interviews, where she exclaimed that she lacked family support while pursuing her career. Being from a conservative and orthodox family didn’t initially help Urfi pursue her dreams.

However, Urfi knew that her talent deserved to be showcased to the world, so she decided to break out of the boundaries and chase her dreams. During that period, Urfi felt like she had hit rock bottom because no one in her family understood or supported her.

Urfi explained in an interview that her father was physically and mentally abusive towards her, and that was probably one of the reasons why she grew up to be so rebellious. The experiences that she had in her life growing up were horrific, and the fact that they started when she was in her eleventh grade makes things worse.

When things got out of hand, Urfi fled her father’s house with her two sisters because she didn’t want them to face the same fate as hers. Unfortunately, she had to leave her mother and two other siblings behind at home.

Things went downhill when Urfi’s father remarried, and she and one of her sisters had to take the burden of her entire family. From feeding every one to ensuring they had a roof over their heads, Urfi and her family had to endure many things.

The silver lining was that Urfi found a job at a call center during that time, which helped her sustain her family for a bit.

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Urfi Javed’s Mother – Zakiya Sultan

Urfi’s mother’s name is Zakiya Sultan, and she was the first wife of Irfu Javed. Reports do indicate that Zakiya Sultan was indeed a housewife.

We couldn’t find any other information about Urfi’s mother online. Despite the challenges the entire family had to endure, Urfi seems closer to her mother and siblings now. She has cut ties with her father and doesn’t share any relationship with him.

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Urfi Javed Career – What Changed her Life?

After moving out of her father’s home following years of abuse and victim blaming, Urfi decided to relocate to Mumbai to pursue her dream of becoming an actor.

Things were very tough because she suddenly had to care for her entire family. Instead of trying to make sense of things, Urfi interviewed for several jobs and landed a job at a local call center. This was enough to provide her with temporary financial security to ensure food was on the table for her and her family.

As time passed, Urfi started working as a fashion designer’s assistant and fell in love with the work. Not only did she start taking an interest in fashion, but Urfi was also fascinated by the entertainment business and wanted to give it a fair shot.

Urfi started working with agencies and took up modeling gigs to make things work. She even walked the runway for a few fashion shows, further getting her name out there. By 2015, Urfi was ready to make her television appearance and started auditioning for roles.

After consistent rejections, Urfi landed her debut role in the television serial “Tedi Medi Family.” That opened a Pandora’s box for the actress. She snagged other roles in leading television serials like Chandra Nandini, Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania, Meri Durga, Bepannaah, and many more.

However, what ascended her to fame was her appearance on Bigg Boss OTT. People started noticing her nature, personality, and lack of filter when speaking on the show. While some became a fan of it, Urfi also faced much backlash.

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Urfi Javed might be open and bold about her career choices and fashion statements, but she is pretty closed off regarding her personal life. With how much trauma she has had to endure since her childhood, it makes sense that Urfi prefers to keep her peace and avoid talking about her childhood, her parents, and her life growing up.