Top 5 Book Adaptations To Feel Totally Girly

Book Adaptation

Movies are one thing, but girly movies with inspiring characters and royal settings will always have a special palace in our hearts, no matter how old we are.

Are you craving some girly movies which you almost forget were originally created by great writers?

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Book Adaptations For This Weekend

Here are some of the best book adaptations on the big screen for this weekend’s movie hours, especially if you are feeling girly and want to cherish the nostalgia of that feeling.

Here is your handpicked list!

1. Little Woman (1994)

Yes, the 2019 one gives you all the cozy feel, but if there were a book adaptation that brought out Alcott’s true struggle and emotions through pictures, it would be the 1994 version. Winona Ryder, as our beloved Jo, you will fall into the deep ends of nostalgia with this movie.

The unhills of the March family, along with the downfall, and how the family didn’t let the light of optimism diminish. This movie is not just a perfect companion for your girly afternoon but will also pose as a great source of motivation for any woman who is dealing with the struggle of patriarchy towards their goal.


Most importantly, how determination and iron-clad confidence in your work can.

2. Pride & Prejudice (2005)

In a particularly romantic mood, and wish to see the original enemies to lovers in the Regency period? Then this is the perfect book adaptation you should indulge in. If you haven’t read the book by Jane Austen yet, we suggest you do that once you are done with the movie (because you would want to.)

The story stars our heroine Elizabeth Bennet who is an epitome of elegance but sharp as a knife. Feisty as flames, this woman finds love among the English aristocrats. However, it is always entertaining to watch her disliking the man and then denying the growing feelings.

Because let’s be honest. There have been times when we were in the same situation!

3. The Princess Diaries (2001)

If you want to go all girly, then you cannot miss out on this movie. Feeling like royalty at the beginning of the 21st century. Plus, if you have watched this movie before, you have to admit that as girls, we all wanted to be Mia Thermopolis. We all wanted to be the lost princess of a small kingdom, later discovered.

So, why not get into that nostalgia, forget all the stresses of your current life, and just live vicariously as a princess of Genovia? Adapted from the book series with the same name and written by Meg Cabot, this is one of the movies we all loved to watch on the big screens

4. Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009)

If there is something which you girlys could always relate to is the thought of buying the entire mall one day. If you haven’t yet come across this masterpiece, then this Saturday afternoon is booked.

For everyone who has seen it before, it will be like rewatching your teens. Remember, each time it came on HBO Max, we had to watch it. Especially if you are someone who has read the book, you should know that this is one of the best book adaptations.

Written by Sophia Kinsella, ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic’ is every fancy girl’s top five picks.

5. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

We were going to leave the best for the last, and there you have to have. The greatest book adaptation of Y2K made every girl fall in love with fashion magazines all over again.

In tribute to Y2K fashion making a comeback, you should watch this movie and bath in the nostalgia of 2006 designer items. We are all working women now, and we can also all learn a thing or two from Miranda Priestley.

Get The Coke & Popcorn Ready!

There you have it, five iconic movies adapted from five iconic books to quench the girly soul in you. There is nothing wrong with diving into the world of total girliness when you have nothing else to do on a Saturday night.

Even psychologists encourage a little dose of comfort movies and nostalgia once in a while.