The Top Aviator Clones You Can Play Online

aviator game

Each year, developers launch dozens upon dozens of new casino games. Some are flashy and elaborate, and others are simpler and less sophisticated. But even with all this flow of new games, there is one that rules supreme across online gambling sites worldwide: Aviator.

The Aviator game is a sleeper hit, launched in 2019 by Ukrainian casino software developer Spribe. It slowly spread across the industry for a couple of years before being picked up by an ever-increasing number of players, taking the world by storm this year.

Aviator has in the meantime, become a genre-defining game, spawning a host of “crash games” available at various online casinos. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best.

JetX (Smartsoft Gaming)

Aviator is mostly appreciated for its minimalist visual style and simple interface. Smartosft’s JetX is a version for those who like Aviator but with a bit more style.

The game shares its basic format with Aviator – a plane takes off and drags along the multiplier. Except here, we have a fighter jet instead of the old-school propeller plane, an airport, a few hot air balloons in the air, and people jumping out of the plane with parachutes.

Oh, and instead of flying away, the jet explodes when it’s time to settle the bets.

RocketX (1Win)

RocketX is a fun take on the crash game genre. This 1Win exclusive has two protagonists: a certain space rocket which is the largest ever to be built (and which has recently exploded during its second test, which was a success by the way), and a certain controversial billionaire stuck on it.

Otherwise, the mechanic is the same – except that, while the rocket ascends, you come across space cats, space junk (a boot, among others), and a certain red sports car.

Lucky Jet (1Win)

Another Aviator clone, this time with the classic format. But instead of a plane, we have an airman – a guy in a jetpack taking their flight. But Lucky Jet, another 1Win exclusive, is not built by a bunch of monsters: the jetpack doesn’t explode. Instead, its bearer flies away in a classic Aviator fashion.

Spaceman (Pragmatic Play)

Pragmatic Play may be one of the first mainstream game providers to jump on the Aviator bandwagon with its Spaceman game. The protagonist is a spaceman reminiscent of the Bomberman, and the game is classic Aviator with a few twists – and a more complicated interface.

The Incredible Balloon Machine (Crazy Tooth Studio)

Last but not least, here’s a game with a completely different approach to crash games. In The Incredible Balloon Machine, you must blow up balloons to win. You can use a button to fill a coloured balloon with gas… and stop before it bursts. As the balloon grows, so does the multiplier applied to your bet. It depends on your risk tolerance where you stop – but be aware that the balloon can explode anytime.

From fighter jets to clinging billionaires, many crash games are available today. Some are straight Aviator clones, while others take different approaches to the matter, bringing a few twists and laughs to the mix. Whichever approach works best for you, just make sure to play it responsibly and within your means!