Snappy Girl Husband Rajveer Death, Wiki, Age, Biography, Family, Height

Snappy Girl Husband Rajveer

The world of YouTube is extensive, and Indian vloggers dominate the platform. Among them, one YouTuber who has gained a lot of traction is Snappy Girl, aka Sapna Chaudhury. Hailing from Shivpuri, Sapna has over 1 million subscribers and posts daily vlogs on her channel.

With averaging 200,000+ views in each vlog, Sapna’s fans were shocked when they came to learn that the YouTuber’s husband died in a car accident recently.

If you are curious and want to unfold the truth behind Snappy Girl’s Husband’s death, we have all the details lined up for you in this guide.

Rajveer Chaudhury – Overview

Full nameRajveer Chaudhury
Date of birthJune 07
Place of birth and residenceShivpuri
Date of deathMay, 2023
Cause of deathCar Accident
EducationSaraswati Sishu MandirIPS-CTM, Gwalior
ParentsFather – Ashok ChaudhuryMother – Not known
SiblingsSuraj ChaudhuryAnshu Chaudhury
Married toSapna Chaudhury
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorDark brown
Weight80 kgs

More about Snappy Girls’ Husband – Rajveer Chaudhury

Snappy Girls’ Husband – Rajveer Chaudhury

Sapna Chaudhury, aka Snappy Girls on YouTube, has a dedicated fanbase and is known for sharing every last detail of her life on her YouTube channel. She gained much traction with the rawness she brought with her vlogs.

The unfiltered view of the vlogs brought her a lot of traction. Besides sharing her experiences living with her family and the unaltered experience of village life, Sapna also shared about her marriage and relationship with her husband, Rajeev Chaudhury, also called Monu.

However, news spread like wildfire in May 2023 about Rajveer’s death in a car accident. The netizens were shocked by the news, but most didn’t believe it was true since Sapna didn’t confirm the information then.

Rajveer Chaudhury – Biography

Besides gaining traction as Sapna’s husband, Rajveer also established a name for himself as a YouTuber. His channel’s name was “The ROTT.”

Not only did he excel as a vlogger and YouTuber, but Rajveer was also a fitness enthusiast and posted various videos related to health and fitness. He even owned a gym named “Health Park Gym” in Shivpuri.

Apart from YouTube, Rajveer also had a decent following on Instagram, with around 50,000 followers. He collaborated with his wife, Sapna, on his social media channels, further adding to the following.

As for his early life, there isn’t a lot of public information besides the fact that he was born on June 02 and between 1991-1994. He was born in Shivpuri and spent his entire life there. At the time of his death, he was estimated to be between 28-32 years old.

For his education, Rajveer attended Saraswati Sishu Mandir School and completed his high school from there. Later, he enrolled in IPS-CTM, which is in Gwalior, to complete his college education. There are rumors that after finishing college and his education, Rajveer refocused on his family’s business and took over.

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Rajveer Chaudhury Accident – Cause of Death

Rajveer Chaudhury Accident

With how sensitive the subject of death is, it isn’t surprising that Sapna and Rajveer’s family haven’t openly discussed the situation much.

According to the official reports, Rajveer died due to a fatal car accident when he was returning from Meerut in May 2023. It was reported that after visiting his hometown in Meerut, Rajveer was returning in his car when he was hit by a speeding vehicle, and he died upon impact.

Sapna, Rajveer’s wife, was shocked. She didn’t openly discuss much about the incident besides informing the fans about the sudden demise of her husband. The YouTube video is live on her channel, and if you are a fan of the YouTuber, it would be gut-wrenching to watch.

Since then, Sapna has posted quite often about Rajveer, remembering him and even celebrating his life. Her fans have supported the YouTuber, backing her up and leaving positive comments under her videos. 

More about Sapna Chaudhury – Rajveer Chaudhury’s Wife

Sapna and Rajveer are indeed public figures, meaning their lives are heavily publicized on the internet.

If you knew Rajveer through his YouTube channel, The Rott, you might need to learn more about his wife, Sapna Chaudhury. Let’s give you an introduction.

Sapna Chaudhury herself is a leading YouTuber who married Rajveer in 2022. Her life seems to be quite tragic because Sapna was previously married to Rajveer’s older brother, Suraj Chaudhury, but after his death, she remarried his younger brother, Rajveer.

Unfortunately, even Rajveer passed away in May 2023. This left the family devastated, especially with them losing both of the sons in their family. Sapna has two children, one from her previous marriage and one with Rajveer.

Following Suraj and Rajveer’s death, Sapna and her sister-in-law, Anshu Chaudhury, run both of their YouTube channels, Snappy Girls and The Rott.

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Rajveer Chaudhury’s YouTube Journey

Rajveer Chaudhury's YouTube Journey

Rajveer started gaining more mainstream recognition when appearing on his wife’s channel, Snappy Girls. However, even before Sapna began her YouTube channel, Rajveer was already an established YouTuber.

He launched his channel, The Rott, with his brother, Suraj Chaudhury. The channel’s main focus was to post the daily shenanigans of their Rottweilers. Initially, Suraj was the one who was handling the YouTube channel. However, following his death in 2021 due to the coronavirus, Rajveer took over.

The interactive videos about the dogs and the standard vlog-style videos caught the audience’s attention, and they started gaining millions of views on their videos.

However, the sudden death of Rajveer further left the channel abandoned. At present, Sapna and her sister-in-law, Anshu, are the ones who post daily vlogs on the channel to carry on their brother’s legacy. The channel currently has over 2.5 million subscribers.

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Net Worth of Rajveer Chaudhury

At the time of death, Rajveer Chaudhury had a decent following on his YouTube channel, The Rott. Not only on YouTube, Rajveer also had his personal gym and fitness training business in Shivpuri, which was also flourishing.

The estimated net worth of Rajveer Chaudhury at the time of his death was around Rs. 3-4 crore, which is quite extensive.

Quick Facts about Rajveer Chaudhury

  • Rajveer and his entire family are animal lovers, and they started their YouTube channel, The Rott, surrounding their Rottweiler, Jerry.
  • Rajveer was passionate about fitness and even ran his gym and training business in Shivpuri.
  • Rajveer married Sapna Chaudhury in August, 2022 after his brother’s death in 2021 due to coronavirus.
  • Rajveer has participated in several powerlifting competitions and won them, too.

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Rajveer Chaudhury’s sudden demise was a shock for the family and the fans. If you were confused about the sudden death and wanted to understand better how or why it happened, we have discussed all the relevant information in this guide. Everything mentioned is public information Rajveer’s family has shared via their YouTube channels.