Rajoshi Vidyarthi Age, Bio, Husband, Daughter & Career


Rajoshi Vidyarthi, often known as Piloo, is an Indian actress who traverses the world of entertainment with quiet confidence. Her personal life has occasionally grabbed media attention, but what has stood out about the actress is her vigor and skill on screen.

Not just on television and the big screen, Piloo is one of those veteran actresses in the history of Indian cinema who has also appeared in multiple theatre plays and left her mark there. With the kind of work she has done, it isn’t even a question that she has a dedicated fanbase to her name.

We have sorted all the information here if you are curious to learn more about Rajoshi Vidyarthi’s age, early life, career, and net worth.

Rajoshi Vidyarthi – Bio

Other NamePiloo
ProfessionActress, Theatre artist
Famous ForVeteran Indian actress, Daughter of Shakuntala Barua, and ex-wife of Ashish Vidyarthi
Eye ColourHazel green
Hair ColourBlack
Date of BirthAugust 30, 1965
Age59 years (as of 2024)
BirthplaceKolkata, West Bengal
Zodiac SignVirgo
CollegeJadavpur University
Educational QualificationGraduate
Marital StatusDivorced
HusbandAshish Vidyarthi (ex-husband)
ChildrenSon – Arth Vidyarthi
ParentsMother – Shakuntala Barua

Early Life and Background

Rajoshi Vidyarthi was born to famous Bengali actress Shakuntala Barua on August 30, 1965, in Kolkata, West Bengal. There seems to be very scarce public information about her father’s identity.

When it comes to exploring details about her early life and childhood, there’s not a lot of information besides the fact that she completed high school with flying colors and then enrolled in Jadavpur University in West Bengal to pursue her Bachelor’s in Economics. She graduated in 1990.

Given that Rajoshi is the daughter of famous Bengali actress Shakuntala Barua, it is safe to assume she hails from a family with an immense creative background. In multiple interviews, Piloo has exclaimed that her passion for performing arts is all thanks to her mother.

As for her life growing up, there are rumors that she was raised alongside her sister, Arita Barua. However, there seems to be no public mention of her anywhere, making people believe she doesn’t hail from the entertainment industry.

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Career Beginnings and Milestones

Rajoshi’s career journey began onstage, where she captivated audiences with her performances in Bengali theatre productions. Her stage presence and talent caught the attention of television producers, leading her to foray into the small screen.

Her television debut marked the beginning of a steady and diverse filmography. She has appeared in popular shows like “Guilty Minds,” “Gud Se Meetha Ishq,” and “A Wedding Story,” showcasing her adaptability across genres. While television has been her primary focus, she has also dabbled in films, most notably the 2019 thriller “The Body.” One of the most popular television serials that solidified her presence as an actress on the small screen was “Suhani Si Ek Ladki.”

Beyond acting, Rajoshi explores music as a passionate singer. She has lent her voice to various compositions, showcasing her artistic versatility. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her continuous exploration of different avenues within the entertainment industry.

Also, beyond her artistic expression and time on-screen, Rajoshi is the co-founder of “Ashish Vidyarthi and Associates,” an organization that encourages individuals to pursue theatre and music and polish their creative skills.

Furthermore, Rajoshi founded a non-profit organization named “Chhutir Pathshala,” which prioritizes the emotional and physical well-being of Bengalis residing in Mumbai. It is quite an engaging organization and has been hailed by many known individuals.

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Rajoshi Vidyarthi’s Age and Its Impact

We briefly mentioned in the beginning that Rajoshi Vidyarthi was born in 1965, which makes her 59 years of age (as of 2024).

Despite her age, Rajoshi is one of those names in the feat of Indian television and cinema who’s known for her artistic abilities, her compassion and humanitarian work, and her passion for being a present mother to her son throughout his formative years.

Her early 20s were spent exploring theatre arts and the opportunities that came her way through the same. She is one of those actresses known for actively participating in theatre productions during her 20s.

Surprisingly, her growth as a standalone actor on television didn’t start until her mid to late 30s when she ventured into shows like “Suhani Si Ek Ladki.” What further catapulted her fame was her parts in more Indian serials like “Guilty Minds,” “Gud Se Meetha Ishq,” and “A Wedding Story.”

In the middle of her rising career graph, Rajoshi also married her husband, Ashish Vidyarthi, who is a veteran actor. The two tied the knot in 1990 and explored many more business ventures together, which they are still actively running.

Moving forward, Rajoshi has never let her age be a factor that pulls her down in her career and the identity she had built for herself. Continuing to act in various television shows across different genres in her 40s demonstrates her willingness to explore and challenge herself artistically.

Venturing into films with “The Body” and exploring music through singing indicate a constant pursuit of artistic growth beyond the conventional boundaries of television. Even her separation from her former husband and her attitude towards the way she handled the situation publicly has been applauded by her fans.

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Significant Achievements and Recognition

If awards are your marker of achievement, then there isn’t much to discuss here. However, Rajoshi Vidyarthi’s performances have garnered positive acclaim from critics and the audience. Her natural talent and emotional depth in the roles she has portrayed to date have been discussed about time and time.

Rajoshi’s contributions to both theatre and television have left a lasting mark. Her dedication to her craft and willingness to explore different avenues inspire aspiring actors and artists. Furthermore, she provides a space for people interested in exploring acting and theatre with the organization she co-founded.

Personal Life

Rajoshi Vidyarthi


Most of Rajoshi Vidyarthi’s personal life is out on the media. This is primarily because of her being the daughter of a renowned veteran actress and then marrying a famous actor like Ashish Vidyarthi.

Despite the exposure in the limelight, Rajoshi seems reserved and protective about her private life and shields it from the media.

Rajoshi married Ashish Vidyarthi in 1990, and the two eventually welcomed their son, Arth Vidyarthi. As per the vlogs that Ashish Vidyarthi posts on his YouTube channel, their son has graduated college in the U.S. and currently resides there.

It shocked Rajoshi’s fans when news broke that her former husband, Ashish Vidyarthi, remarried Rupali Barua, an established entrepreneur from Assam. Given that there was a lot of confusion about their impending divorce, some of the fans even accused Ashish of stepping out on Rajoshi.

However, instead of being silent, she issued a statement confirming that their separation was mutually agreed upon and that she wished the best for her former husband. She also emphasized that their only focus now is to be the best parents for their son, Arth.

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Rajoshi Vidyarthi is hands down one of the most refined actresses of today’s date. With her presence on the small and big screen, the actress has won the audience’s hearts, and her grounded and charming personality has helped her create a fanbase for herself. She seems to be focused on her career and the projects on the side. Whether on stage or screen, Rajoshi’s journey as an artist is one to watch unfold.