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Mary Joan


Mary Joan Martelly is a name that’s associated with leading heavyweight boxer George Foreman. Mary is reportedly the fifth wife of the boxer, who was renowned for fighting against prominent names like Muhammad Ali. Not just that, Foreman was also the winner of the 1968 Summer Olympics under the same category.

While Foreman’s professional life was praised and highlighted, most fans weren’t as informed about his personal life and relationships back then. Mary Joan Martelly came into prominence as Foreman’s wife and brought a lot of attention to her.

If you are curious about Mary Joan Martelly, including her family, net worth, etc., this comprehensive article will cover it all.

Early Life and Biography

Mary Joan Martelly was born on May 17, 1963, in Mon Repos, Saint Lucia, an eastern Caribbean country. She was born and raised in a big family with nine children, seven girls and two boys.

Mary and her family didn’t have all the luxury and means to live a comfortable life. Things further went downhill when her father passed away at the age of 44, leaving the family in further financial distress.

To cope with the sudden lack of money, Mary and her siblings had to take up odd jobs at restaurants, clothes factories, and as nannies.

Meeting George Foreman

With the reputation of being married multiple times, George Foreman was also looking for stability in his life. According to rumors, Mary and George met during a charity event.

Later, in interviews, both confessed to having felt an instant connection, which translated into their dating. However, rumors have it that George was still married when they started dating.

However, later reports suggest that George’s marriage to Annette was already on the brink of ending when he met Mary, and the two of them eventually married.

Marriage to George Foreman and Her Children

George Foreman experienced four failed marriage attempts, following which he married Mary Joan Martelly on March 27, 1985, following Foreman’s failed fourth marriage with Andrea Skeete.

There are speculations that Foreman engaged in an affair with Mary while he was still married to Andrea. They continued dating for a year, after which they got married.

Unlike most of George Foreman’s other marriages, his relationship with Mary Joan Martelly was happy and stable. They welcomed five children after their marriage—Leola, Natalie, George IV, George V, and George VI. Their names, albeit unique, were raised in a stable environment.

In addition to his five children from his fifth marriage with Mary, George has seven other children from previous marriages and two adopted children.

Despite being married to such a high-end and famous boxer, Mary lived a pretty inconspicuous life away from the prying eyes of the media. However, things changed when their entire family appeared on the show “Family Foreman,” where they appeared in a six-episode extended reality television series.

Career and Professional Involvements

While Mary worked odd jobs during the initial days of her life, her life completely changed following her marriage to George Foreman.

Mary’s association with different humanitarian causes further pushed her into the limelight. Her primary area of expertise was children’s welfare and education. She also worked with organizations that worked on AIDS prevention, especially among children in St. Lucia and Houston.

Seeing her commitment to helping children fight and prevent AIDS, both Mary and George were awarded at the 2007 event “A World of Friends Fighting AIDS.” Bill Clinton felicitated them during that ceremony.

Besides focusing on humanitarian work, Mary also cared for George Foreman’s public persona, managed their household finances, and managed different family brands like George Foreman Boxing and Foreman Grills.

Despite her exposure and the kind of life she led following her marriage, one thing has remained constant—Her humility and true to her roots. She was living the American dream, and Mary also focused on ensuring the upliftment of the St. Lucians.

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Net Worth

Mary Joan Martelly has acquired an estimated net worth of $1.3 million with her humanitarian connections and growth in that space. She also managed the Foreman companies and professional appearances, which added to her growing net worth.

Final Words

Mary Joan Martelly has gained considerable recognition in the media not only for her marriage to George Foreman but also for her work in helping children get education and prevent the risks of AIDS. Her work has brought appreciation to her name, leaving behind a legacy that will be discussed at length.