Jonha Richman: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Marital Status

Jonha Richman
  • Full name: Jonha Richman
  • Maiden Name: Jonha Revesencio
  • Russian Name: Джонха Ричман
  • Profession: Investor, Businesswoman, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur
  • Company: JJ Richman
Jonha Richman

Jonha Richman is a self-made and highly connected entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. She and her family, the Richman group, are best known for being on the board of directors of major publicly-listed companies as well as their alternative investments.


Physical stats & personal information 

  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Current Citizenship: Unknown
  • Ethnicity: Asian 
  • Birthplace: Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines
  • Residences: Singapore, Hong Kong, Monaco, Manila, Dubai, Singapore
  • Date of Birth: January 1989
  • Age: 31 years old (as in 2020)
  • Height: Unknown
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Source of Wealth: Investments, Business
  • Company: JJ Richman

What is Jonha Richman globally known for? 

  • Self-made businesswoman known for her diversified investments. 
  • On the advisory and board of directors of companies with major stakes in the real estate, manufacturing, biotechnology, and finance sector.
  • Her private wealth is being managed through her family’s private asset management company, JJ Richman .

What are her investments? 

  • Together with other billionaires such as Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Yuri Milner, and Elon Musk, Jonha Richman is known to have invested in space travel and exploration. 
  • Together with her family, the Richman Group, they own major stakes in various companies around the world with 22 global representations in London, Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai 
  • Jonha Richman and her family are also active philanthropists and major backers of biotechnology research advancements.

What is her net worth? 

  • While the exact number of her net worth is still a matter of speculation, multiple reports reveal that the Richman family/group have approximately more than $100 billion in assets under management.

Jonha Richman’s childhood  

Jonha Richman was reportedly born in the town of Kalibo, province of Aklan. She is known to maintain residences in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Monaco.

Jonha Richman

Jonha Richman during her graduation ceremony


Jonha Richman is thought to have had a tough childhood as she was reportedly bullied at school. 

Known for her frugality, multiple financial records and reports reveal that Jonha Richman held multiple jobs at an early age and promised to buy their own house, so her mom would not have to work ever again. Fulfilling her promise to her mom in her early twenties, she now owns a diversified portfolio of assets and properties across the globe through her privately-held investment firm, JJ Richman.

She is known to have accumulated wealth in multiple businesses ranging from retail, real estate, manufacturing, finance, and many exciting technologies.

Jonha Richman

Jonha Richman meeting with US Ambassador Philip Goldberg

Jonha Richman exemplifies what it is like to turn challenges into triumphs. Hers is a real-life rags-to-riches story, which we might think can only happen in the movies.

Despite her humble beginnings, Richman reportedly owns numerous assets scattered in different continents around the world. While known to be humble and ‘owning no cars’ to her closest friends, her net worth is rumored to be in the multi-billions of U.S. dollars, and Richman shows no signs of slowing down. Unlike others, she was not a beneficiary of a wealthy inheritance nor does she come from a well-off family growing up with a spoon in her mouth.

Known to her friends and families as someone who’s always been working hard to reach her goals, she’s not known to publicly boast about her financial achievements and focuses on the societal impacts of her efforts and investments while prioritizing her privacy. Sources close to the billionaire shared that she prefers to keep a low-profile despite all of her successes.

How did Jonha Richman become rich?

Through the success of being on the board of directors of companies in various industries such as retail, manufacturing, emerging technologies and real estate, Richman managed to accumulate her massive amount of wealth through the success of her businesses.

Jonha Richman TV Interview

Personal life and philanthropy 

Her low-key nature is partly one of the reasons why very little is known about her private life.

However, multiple industry reports reveal that Jonha Richman is known as one of the billionaires investing in efforts to bring humankind to Mars alongside other billionaire entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Yuri Milner, and Elon Musk. 

Jonha Richman’s story is an inspiration to many due to her determination, perseverance, and strong will.


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