ICC World Cup 2023: Your Ultimate Guide to Teams, Rankings, and Betting Odds

ICC world cup 2023

The cricket world is abuzz with excitement as the grand tournament, the ICC World Cup, 2023, has knocked on the door. All the cricket fans around the globe have been waiting for this tournament for four years.

Thus, if you love watching cricket, cash on the World Cup opportunity this cricket season. Betting on Cricket World Cup by exploring competitive odds can win you real money. So, why wait when you can have all the information you need at your fingertips? Here’s an interesting overview of all the crucial World Cup parameters you must analyse before making your decisions.

ICC World Cup 2023 Playing Teams

The World Cup 2023 will witness the top ten cricket teams in the world battle it out on the cricket pitch in India. Starting 5th October, the following teams will face each other in the round-robin stage, followed by semi-finals and finals. The top 10 teams playing in the World Cup 2023 are:

  1. India
  2. Australia
  3. England
  4. Pakistan
  5. South Africa
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Afghanistan
  8. New Zealand
  9. Sri Lanka
  10. Netherlands

All About ICC World Cup Team Rankings and Ratings

If you are looking forward to betting on the cricket World Cup, focus on the rankings of the following teams before you place any bet. You may gain valuable insight from these rankings based on team performance.

1.      India

Being the host nation and performing well consistently, India holds 1st position per the ICC Men’s team rankings, with 116 rating points. The team boasts an excellent squad composition with experienced players and emerging talent. Holding advantage of home ground, the team has phenomenal chances of winning the World Cup 2023.

2.      Pakistan

An unpredictable team with a formidable force on the cricket pitch, the Pakistan team holds 2nd position per the ICC Men’s team rankings. It has 115 rating points.

3.      Australia

Popular for bagging the World Cup title five times in the past, the Aussies have maintained their cricket glory and are currently ranked 3rd in the ICC rankings. They have a 112 rating points.

4.      South Africa

A talented team with a strong batting line-up, the South African team hasn’t won the World Cup title yet and is hoping to win it this year. The team ranks at 4th position per the ICC rankings, with 106 rating points.

5.      England

The defending champions, England, are all prepared to retain the title back home. Based on their recent performances, the team is ranked 5th per ICC rankings, with 105 rating points.

6.      New Zealand

Being a consistent performer, the New Zealand team often has made it to the semi-finals. The team relies on smart cricket strategies and teamwork and enjoys 6th position in the ICC rankings with 103 rating points.

7.      Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan team has won the cricket World Cup trophy just once, in 1996. The team usually uses spin strategies and aggressive batting to surprise their opponents. It is ranked 7th per ICC rankings.

8.      Bangladesh

Proving to be a competent team, the Bangladesh cricket team secures 8th position per ICC rankings. The team has a good mix of spinners and batters but is yet to make a strong mark. It has 92 rating points, the same as Sri Lanka.

9.    Afghanistan

The Afghanistan cricket team is a rising team popular for showcasing its passion for the sport. The team beat Sri Lanka in the World Cup warm-up matches and is currently ranked 9th position per ICC rankings.

10.  Netherlands

An underdog, the Netherlands cricket team follows an aggressive approach to beat opponents. The team has a lot of emerging talent, all pumped up to do well in the tournament. The team ranks at 14th position per the ICC rankings with 37 rating points.

Cricket World Cup 2023 Betting Odds

Being aware of Cricket World Cup Odds is important if you are looking to place bets on the tournament’s outcome. These betting odds will help you frame your betting strategies, enhancing your chances of winning every bet:

Country Betting Odds
India 2/1
England 10/3
Australia 9/2
Pakistan 15/2
South Africa 17/2
New Zealand 10/1
Sri Lanka 25/1
Bangladesh 33/1
Afghanistan 100/1
Netherlands 750/1


So, if you are looking forward to placing bets this World Cup season, study the cricket World Cup winner odds, ICC team rankings, and player and team recent performances. Having sufficient knowledge about these parameters will help you make your betting decisions. Also, enhance your earnings with limited deposits by using your bonuses and promotions strategically.