How Tall is Blue Face? Bio, Height, Family & More

Blue face


Blueface, born Johnathan Jamall Porter, is an American rapper who uniquely rose to fame.  His offbeat rapping style and deep, off-kilter voice first caught attention online, turning him into a viral meme before he even secured a major record deal.

Besides gaining a lot of traction for his unique style of rapping, one question that has often irked his fans is his height. How tall is Blue Face, and why is there such buzz about it?

We have curated this comprehensive article to provide you with all the details about Blue Face’s height, early life, family, and career.

Blue Face – Physical Traits (Height, Weight, Age)

Date of BirthJanuary 20, 1997
Age27 years (as of 2024)
Height6’4” / 193 cm
Weight82 kg / 181 lbs (approx.)
Body measurements44-32-37
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorDark brown
Show size11 (US)

Early Life and Family Background

Before jumping right into exploring the exciting career growth of Blue Face, aka Johnathan Porter, it makes sense for us to take a peek into his early life.

Johnathan was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 20, 1997, to his mother, Karissa. There’s no mention of his biological father, and reports suggest that he was raised by his mother singlehandedly alongside his sister, Kali.

Growing up, Johnathan had a hard time adjusting to the different schools he was admitted to until he settled in Tahquitz High School, where he acquired the majority of his education. During elementary school, Johnathan even excelled in sports, especially football.

After finishing high school, Johnathan enrolled in Fayetteville State University, where he excelled in academics and football. Due to ongoing issues, he had to drop out and focus on pursuing a different career path.

What’s interesting about Johnathan’s early life, as he revealed in interviews later, is that he became a father early and had to focus on his son, Javaughn.

It was during this time that he began rapping under the name Blueface Bleedem, a reference to his affiliation with the School Yard Crips street gang.


When Johnathan relocated back to Los Angeles, his focus was redirected towards his passion for music and rapping. Instead of sitting idle, he decided to pursue it as his profession. In 2017, Johnathan started writing under Blueface and uploaded his raps on platforms like Soundcloud.

However, it wasn’t until 2018 that he got the biggest breakthrough. One of his singles, “Respect My Crippin’,” somehow broke even, and people fell in love with his unique and unorthodox rapping style. Once he started gaining the attention of the music industry, he signed up for Cash Money West in November 2018.

After the successful signing, Johnathan released his mixtape “Famous Cryp” in 2018. The song “Thotiana” gained much traction, reaching the number 8 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song gained much recognition and was remixed by other rappers like Cardi B and YG.

In 2019, Johnathan collaborated with the famous Miami rapper Lil Pump on their song “Bussin’.” It gained a lot of success and became an instant hit.

Two years later, in 2020, Blueface finally released his debut album, “Find the Beat.” The album featured many established rappers, including Snoop Dogg and G-Eazy. It didn’t gain commercial success, but it further established his place in the rap scene.

Blueface has also explored other avenues of fame, not just in the rapping and music niche. He has appeared in multiple reality shows and gained a significant following on his social media platforms, further adding to his popularity.

Relationships, Girlfriends, and Marriage

When you look up details about Johnathan’s relationships and girlfriends, there’s not a lot of information to go by. However, what we do know is that he has been in a rumored on-and-off relationship with Chrisean Rock. Also, rumors suggest that he is reportedly dating Jaidyn Alexis and that the two are engaged.

Besides his relationships, Johnathan has revealed in multiple interviews that he is also a father to his son, Javaughn.

Why is Blueface so Tall?

We briefly mentioned in the beginning that Blueface, aka Johnathan Porter, is 6’4”, and one of the most common follow-up questions the fans have is, “Why is he so tall?”

To be fair, the most logical answer to this question is that his height is predominantly influenced by his genetics. We don’t have details about his father, but chances are that his parents were tall, and hence, he is as well.

Besides his genetics, Johnathan has been actively associated with sports and fitness from an early age, especially football, contributing to his fit stature and physique. Most of his fans swoon at his perfectly structured and toned abs and muscles.

Net Worth of Blueface

With his successful and established rapping career, Blueface has acquired a steady net worth of $4 million. One of the most significant contributors to this income comes from his single “Thotiana,” which is 2x platinum certified and has acquired 150+ million streams across multiple platforms.

Besides his album sales and the records, Blueface has collaborated with artists, further adding to his steadily growing net worth.

Johnathan has been working on expanding his career, and one of the biggest signs of that is through his social media following. It has been growing exponentially, further adding to his fame. He leverages his social media to work for brands and promote their products.

Interesting Facts about Blueface

  • Before starting his rapping career full-time, Johnathan used to work as a barber. He is very interested in tattoos, which is reflected in the numerous ones he has on his body.
  • Although Johnathan’s career has been pretty clean, he has faced controversies when some of his raps were backlash due to inappropriate lyrics.
  • Blueface played football for his college team, and they even won the East Valley League Championship in 2014.
  • Johnathan was taken into custody in 2018 when he was found in possession of a lethal weapon.


Over the years of his professional success, Blueface’s height has been discussed. If you are a fan of the rapper and are curious to learn more about him, his career, and his physical traits, especially his height, we hope this explains all the details. What interesting facts about Blueface would you like to share as a fan?