Crickex E-Sports Bet in India


Crickex is a great source for cyber sports betting. It offers some of the most popular titles for betting, such as Dota2, LOL, CS:GO, KOG, and Mix Parlay. One of the great features of Crickex is that you can bet on multiple eSports games at once. This makes it easier for those who like to mix up their eSports betting and spread their risk. 

Another great feature is the ‘In-Play’ feature, which allows bets to be placed on a game while it is being played. This means you can react in real-time to what’s happening in a game and place bets based on your observations. This allows you to make strategic decisions and increase your chances of winning. Overall, Crickex provides an excellent service for those looking to bet on eSports games.

Cyber sport has become increasingly popular in India and many online sportsbooks have begun to offer esports markets for some of the world’s most popular games. Crickex is no exception, as it offers a wide selection of esports markets for its users to enjoy. The most popular games on the platform are Dota2, League of Legends (LoL) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

Dota2 is a multiplayer online battle arena game that was released by Valve Corporation in 2013. LoL is another very popular online battle arena game developed by Riot Games in 2009. CS: GO is an online first-person shooter that was released by Valve Corporation in 2012. All three of these games are incredibly popular and offer exciting opportunities for players to win big.

Bets On Dota2

To start betting on Dota2 with Crickex, you will first need to register an account. Then you should make a Crickex login and then select “Dota2” from the left-hand side of the eSports menu. This will bring up a list of available Dota2 matches, tournaments, and other events that you can bet on. Each event will have its own individual betting lines, so be sure to read through them carefully before placing any bets.

Once you’ve selected an event to bet on, you can then choose which team or player you would like to bet on. You can view the team’s records and statistics, as well as their recent performances, to help make an informed decision about which team or player to bet on. After selecting your team or player, you can then select the type of bet that you would like to place – whether that be a single bet or a multi-bet.

When placing a bet, you must also specify the amount of money that you are willing to stake on the bet. It’s important to remember that all bets come with a certain degree of risk, so always be sure to set yourself a sensible budget and only bet with money that you can afford to lose. Once you have chosen your bet and specified the amount you wish to stake, simply confirm your bet and await the results of the match.

Bets On LOL

To get started, create an account on Crickex and log in to your account. Then, head over to the Esports section and select “LoL” from the left-hand menu. You’ll then be able to browse through the various betting options available for each match. These include betting on the team to win, individual map handicap, individual kill handicap and more. 

Once you’ve chosen the bet type you want to place, enter your stake in the betting slip. After that, click “Place Bet” to complete the transaction. Your bet will then be added to your bet slip and the winnings will be credited to your account if you win. 

So, if you’re a League of Legends fan looking for a reliable platform to place bets on LoL matches, Crickex is the perfect choice for you. Sign up today and start enjoying great betting action.

Crickex Live Broadcast

At Crickex, they understand that not all eSports fans are able to attend the events in person, so they provide an excellent live streaming service that allows you to watch any eSports event in real-time and in high-quality. Their streaming services offer a smooth and seamless experience that provides you with up-to-date scores and stats for each event as it is being played. 

No matter where you are in the world, you can follow your favorite teams and players with ease, making it easy to make informed betting decisions. Crickex live streaming services truly make it possible for eSports fans to get the most out of their viewing experience.