Clements Twins Age: How Old are Clements Twins in 2023?


If you keep up with different social media influencers, chances are you have come across Clements Twins. While the two of them are known for their joint videos and accounts across all social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, they have also grown individually into famous media personalities.

Ava Marie and Leah Rose, commonly known as the Clements Twins, are famous for working with brands like Nike and Disney. Their charming personalities and stunning looks have put them on the map, further contributing to their fame.

This article will explore all you need to know about the Clements Twins’ age, career, and net worth.

Clements Twins: Overview

Full names Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clement


Date of birth July 07, 2010
Age 13 years
Zodiac sign Cancer
Place of birth Orange County, California
Current residence California
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Green
Parents Mother – Jaqi Clements

Father – Kevin Clements

Sibling 1
Profession Social media influencers, Models

 Early Life of Clements Twins

Clements Twins

                                     Image Source: Wikipedia

Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements were born on July 07, 2010, in Orange County, California, to their parents, Jaqi and Kevin Clements.

The two of them, as of 2023, are 13 years old and have gained immense fame and popularity across social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok, for their dance videos, trending videos, etc.

Besides being the only twin in the fame, Ava and Leah have an older brother named Chase Robert Clements, and both of them are pretty close. Owing to their age, there’s not a lot of public information about their personal lives on the internet, especially when it involves their schools and educational backgrounds.

Rumors suggest that the two of them are attending their school in their hometown while juggling their social media career.

Their father, Kevin, was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, and the twins leveraged their popularity on social media to raise funds for the treatment and find a viable bone marrow transplant donor for their father. He seems to have recovered quite well now.

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The career of Clements Twins


Image Source : Instagram

Most people who come across the social media handles of the Clements Twins are flabbergasted to know that they are only 13 years old because they look significantly older.

While the two have gained much traction on Instagram and TikTok now, many people don’t know that Ava and Leah were supposed to start modeling when they were six months old, but their parents weren’t ready for that level of commitment.

However, opportunity struck again by the time the Clements twins turned seven. During that time, the family’s neighbors, who owned a children’s boutique, wanted a few pictures of the twins displaying their clothes. Jaqi agreed, and she used those modeling images and forwarded them to contacts she had in the modeling industry.

Jaqi was determined to make her two girls models, and that’s when she started connecting with different modeling agencies and eventually signed contracts with two of them. One of the agencies was based out of Orange County, and the other in Los Angeles.

It didn’t take the Clements twins to gain traction on social media, thanks to their charming looks and their incredible talent as models. The two of them started working for different brands, showcasing their collections. Their popularity grew exponentially, and soon, they had close to a million followers on Instagram.

The success behind the Clements twins is all thanks to their mother, Jaqi, and the kind of work she put into ensuring that her girls receive nothing but the best. What stood out about Jaqi was the fact that she never forced her children into anything. She merely observed them and realized how both the girls loved being the center of attention and picked up modeling soon after.

Besides Nike and Disney, the Clements twins have also modeled for American Girls, and apparently, it is their favorite brand to work with. Some other brands they have modeled for include Old Navy, Claires, Janie and Jack, Sketchers, Lands End, etc.

Despite being such sought-after models, the Clements twins never compromised their education. Instead, they balance both quite well.

Clements twins have also appeared on the spreads and covers of several magazines, including Brazilian Harper’s Bazaar, Italy’s Vanity Fair, VÉG-A-PORTÉR, La Petite Magazine, etc. Owing to the fact that they are still relatively young, there’s a lot to go and happen in their careers down the road.

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How old are the Clements Twins?

We discussed in brief previously that the Clements twins, Ava and Leah, were born on July 07, 2010, and are currently 13 years old (as of 2023).

What happened to the Clements Twins’ Father?

clements twins dad

Image Source: Facebook

Ava and Leah’s father, Kevin Clements, one of their biggest cheerleaders, was diagnosed with cancer in 2019.

This was one of the most heartbreaking moments in the family’s life, and the Clements Twins turned to their social media followers for help. Besides funds, the two of them even urged to help find donors for a bone marrow transplant.

Kevin was diagnosed with Lymphoma and Leukaemia, an aggressive form of cancer. Seeing the Clements Twins’ appeal on their Instagram, thousands of their fans and followers went to DKMS, an international organization, to get themselves checked to be potential donors.

Eventually, the family found that Kevin’s brother, Chris, was a potential match for his brother and donated his bone marrow. During that time, the Clements twins also took to their Instagram to confirm that all the donations the fans made would be paid forward to cancer patients who couldn’t afford their treatment.

Quick Facts about the Clements Twins

  • Ava and Leah are 13 years old now.
  • Clement Twins are millionaires and charge six figures, sometimes even more, for their modeling contracts.
  • After receiving the bone marrow transplant, Kevin has recovered and is leading a healthy life.
  • Clement Twins has 2+ million followers on Instagram.


The Clement Twins have been crowned as the “most beautiful twins in the world,” and rightfully so. If you have been curious about them and their rise to fame, we hope this article gives you all the insights you have sought. Ideally, we’d recommend you follow them on social media to keep up with their shenanigans. They also have an official website that keeps updated with all the latest details about the twins.

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