All About ReactJS Beginners Must know

All About ReactJS Beginners Must know

React, known as ReactJS or react.js, is a popular and open-source JavaScript library, which is widely used for creating the user interface. Facebook has created it for the ease of programmers and developers. Programmers and developers are more frequently used react to create the user interface and web applications. ReactJS is a flexible and easy-to-use JavaScript library. Programming and coding are quite simple for beginners and learners, and that’s the reason it is the most learned library.

Why do you need to learn React?

A lot of reasons are there that make it the most used library. When I was learning react.js, I wasn’t sure why I even started learning it. I learned a few highlighted points that I am going to share with you. Have a look:

Easy to use

When trying to learn a new language or a library, the most important thing is the ease of using it. React is known for virtual Dom, performance, flexibility, usability, components, and simplicity. It has a modular and straightforward infrastructure that enables you to create as well as maintain applications more simply and efficiently. With all that, coding and debugging errors in react are easier compared to other libraries.

Simple to learn

As we have discussed, it is easy to use. Another reason why you need to use react js is the ease of learning, but the basic requirement to learn react is to have a command on the fundamentals of JavaScript. If you know how to write code in JavaScript, you can easily learn React.

React has code reusability which permits you to reuse code for a particular functionality on your web application. When you start to learn ReactJS, you also gradually understand JavaScript in detail.

Amazing features of ReactJS

JavaScript syntax extension

It is also known as JSX, which is abbreviated as JavaScript XML. Many developers prefer it, though it is not essential in react JS, writing code in JavaScript and JSX is not the same. All in all, JSX is an amazing feature that makes it simpler for developers for writing building blocks.

Data binding

Unidirectional data flow is followed by react JS, which is also known as one-way data binding. It is beneficial as it provides complete control over the application. In the case of opposite data flow, all that is required is additional characteristics.

Being immutable components, data cannot be modified. To assist uni-directional data, there is a pattern called flux. In return, you get the application with improved efficiency and more versatility.


Components are an integral part of ReactJS as almost most of the applications contain many components with various functionalities, controls, and logic. The best thing about the components is that they are reusable, which makes it easier for the developers to keep a tap on the code when they are working on projects; large or small.

Virtual DOM

It represents the object of the original DOM. It has a functionality that is similar to one-way data binding. In the virtual DOM, UI is rendered again when any change is detected in the web applications. In that case, old and new DOM representation is compared. Based on that, DOM, which is true has the right to update changed elements. As a result, it uplifts the application’s speed as well as minimizes memory allocation.


In react, there is community support that makes application testing easier. For faster and simple debugging, Facebook has an extension for the browser.


In this brief guide for beginners, we discussed why to use React and what are the features. It is really important for beginners to get to know this before even starting to get familiar with react.