5 Reasons Why Water Is Important For Your Brain Health

Brain Health

About 50-70% of the adult human body consists of water. Thus every system inside our body, including the brain capability –will depend on how sufficient our daily water intake is. If you want your brain to work at its best, you should pay attention to how much water you drink everyday. Brain is one of the human organs that requires the most energy, and is composed of 73% water. According to Joshua Gown, a neuroscientist from the University of Texas, brain cells need a delicate balance of water and other elements to function properly.

Why does the Brain Need Water?

Drinking a sufficient amount of water is healthy because it can help to increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain. This helps to make it easier for a person to concentrate better, improves their cognitive function, maintains their emotional balance, and reduces stress or headaches effectively.

Lack of drinking water will cause symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, stress, and it can even lead to depression. All of this is happening because when our body is lacking water, the brain cells will lose their efficiency and thus disrupt the balance. Your body will become dehydrated and your cognitive function will be impaired.

In some cases, prolonged dehydration can cause the size and mass of the brain to shrink. As a result, the brain will age earlier. The shrinking of the brain is medically referred to as cerebral atrophy.

Benefits of Water for The Brain

Drinking enough water can improve brain health and retain memory. For optimal brain performance, this vital organ requires appropriate water intake. Here are some of the main reasons why water is very important for your brain health!

Help You To Finish Work Faster

For you to be able to finish work effectively, your brain will need to work at its best. Thus, you will need the right amount of fluid to support your brain throughout the day. Start your day by drinking water right away after you wake up. This is the time when your brain will really need to get the hydration from water.

Improve Concentration

One of the main signs your body is lacking water is when you can’t maintain your concentration and thus get distracted a lot. When our body is getting dehydrated, the first organ that will feel the effect is the brain. Thus, if you are working or studying, it is recommended that you drink a glass of water every hour. If you notice that your concentration level is dropping, you should reach a glass of water immediately. Drinking enough water can restore the concentration that has been dispersed.

Balance Mood and Emotion

Emotions can also be calmed by drinking a glass of water. When we drink a glass of water, the temperature of the brain will slowly increase and thus it will help to get rid of all the toxins and dead cells inside the brain.

Emotional instability and feelings of confusion, sadness, and anger usually occur in women who are prone to get dehydrated. So drinking enough water can truly help you control your mood and emotions.

Help You To Get Better Sleep

Not only right away after waking up, drinking water before bed will also be beneficial for your brain. Water helps to increase blood flow to the brain, which results in improved brain oxygenation and hydration. This helps you to be more relaxed and thus you will get a better quality of night sleep.

Without adequate rest and sleep, you will find it difficult to focus, and it will also be harder for you to remember things. This is why ensuring that you get enough sleep is very important, so you can get through the days without a hitch.

Retain Memory Better

Dehydration causes an imbalance in the body and leads to brain dysfunction. One of the after-effects of dehydration is that your cognitive dexterity could be reduced and thus making it difficult for you to remember things. If you want to avoid this from happening, you should drink the proper amount of water every day.

Experts recommended for an adult to at least have 8 glasses of water every day. Having this amount of water will help our body and every organ inside to be able to work at its best every day! 

There are some strategies you can do to ensure that you drink sufficient water everyday. One of the best strategies is to have bottled water with custom labels that show the quote of the importance of drinking water, so you will be reminded just how important it is to reach for the bottle in between hours.