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Yashi Tank Age, Bio, Family, Height, & Net Worth

Yashi Tank


Yashi Tank is a famous Indian model, actress, fashion vlogger, and social media influencer. She became famous due to another social media platform called TikTok. It has now been banned in India but has given numerous social media stars. Yashi Tank is one of them. 

Yashi Tank is a versatile individual with dancing, make-up, acting, and various other videos on social media like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. In this article, we will know more about her life and will try to cover everything that may come into your mind. 

Early Life & Background 

Yashi Tanki was born on January 8, 1998, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and was brought up with her siblings and family in the same place. She has a brother Abhishek Singh who is an entrepreneur. She belongs to a Hindu Rajput family, her father is Narayan Singh and her mother is Ramina Singh. She has shown her love for Rajput culture through some of her videos, wearing Rajput attire. 

She has completed her graduation in Hospital Management and discovered her love for acting and modeling while she was in college. Hence, later in her college life, she pursued a career in the same field. 

Earlier, she used to create videos on TikTok where she exhibited her modeling, acting, and make-up skills. After she went viral, she overtook Instagram and YouTube with her talent. 


Real name Yashita Singh 
Date of Birth January 8, 1998
Birthplace Jaipur, Rajasthan  
ProfessionActress and Model
Parents Narayan Singh and Ramina Singh
Educational Qualification Bachelors in Hospital Management  
Boyfriend/Husband Suraj Pal Singh  
Zodiac Sign Capricorn 
Height 5’6 Feet 
Weight 53 KGs
Hair color Black
Eye color Black 
Religion Hinduism 
Nationality Indian 

Physical Appearance 

Yashi Tank age


Yashi Tank has an impressive physique with a height of approximately 5”6 feet. She weighs around 53 Kgs. She is a fitness freak and hence goes to the gym regularly. She flaunts a captivating look with her long black hair and dark black, expressive eyes. She is confident about her looks and flaunts an impressive personality during her modeling and acting videos. She has a radiant smile and a self-assured posture. All of these qualities make her a charismatic presence in the world of social media.     


Yashi Tank began her career through her Instagram handle after gaining popularity on Tiktok. Along with Instagram, she became successful in raising her audience on YouTube too. She has collaborated with various high-profile brands like Zara, Kaira by Nikita, Nomad Official, Clothes and You, etc. 

Yashi has been featured on the covers of various lifestyle and fashion magazines. She is a co-founder of a fashion brand called Suyash Fashion. She has an immense following on Instagram and YouTube. She is loved by her fans for her styling, fashion sense, looks, and versatility in content creation.  


Since the beginning of her career, Yashi Tank has achieved various milestones. Some of these are listed below: 

  • Brand Collaborations – Yashi has collaborated with various brands like Zara, Lenskart, Elf cosmetics, and various other beauty brands. 
  • Magazine Features – More recently, she has been featured and awarded by Exhibit Magazine as the best MakeUp/Beauty Influencer of the year in 2024. 
  • Music Video Creations – She has created some successful music videos with her life partner like Khata, Sona Lagda, Sukoon and others.
  •  Launch of her fashion brand – Combining her and her partner’s names, she has launched their fashion label under the name “Suyash Fashion” for men’s and women’s wear.  
  • Vast Fan-following – She has 1.2 Million followers on her Instagram handle and 6.3 Million subscribers on their YouTube channel with the name “Suyash Vlogs”. 

Style and Influence

Yashi Tank is a perfect blend of modern, elegant, stylish, and ethnic trends of all times. She can combine all her classic pieces with her contemporary accents. This exhibits her keen eye for fashion and individuality. She serves the trend “She can do both” in the best way possible. She can attend every event – whether formal, casual outing or a family function with equal grace and beauty.  

She has various kinds of accessories, fitted clothes as well as ethnic attire in her wardrobe. She loves ethnic wear and engages in flaunting her Rajputani dress code occasionally. All of her styling choices reflect her unique personality. 

It’s not just her fashion and styling sense that inspires others, she is a perfect idol for those seeking confidence, self-love, and power being a woman. She knows her importance and the way she has to influence others. Hence, she always sets right as a trendsetter influencing other women with her standards and redefining notions of beauty and style. Yashi’s innate sense of self-assurance and flair for fashion make her a true icon, admired and copied by many. 

Personal Life 

Yashi Tank's personal life


Yashi Tank is successfully married to her long-term boyfriend Suraj Pal Singh. He is also a social media influencer and gained popularity from TikTok. They do not have any kids together yet. They embrace a beautiful and lovable couple on social media. They have launched their fashion brand – Suyash Fashion, combining the name of the two. This indicates their bond and love for each other. 

More recently, they have also built a new home in Mumbai with their dedication and connection towards each other. They respect each other’s families equally and are an inspiring couple for many.     

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Net Worth 

Yashi Tank


Yashi Tank’s source of income is her various social media handles where she indulges in different types of content creation such as acting, modeling, fashion blogging, lifestyle blogs, dancing, etc. She also collaborates with various business brands that increase her reach and add to her income. 

All of these content creation tends to fix her net worth to a pleasing figure of about INR 7 crores.