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Lavisha Malik Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth & More

Lavisha Malik

Early Life

Born in 1999, Lavisha Malik is an Indian national from Chandigarh who later relocated to Canada alongside her family. She finished her elementary schooling in Brampton. Then she joined a private college in Toronto City to pursue higher studies in the field of business administration. In her formative years, she took automotive and fashion as fortes which have largely determined her subsequent career moves.


NameLavisha Malik
Date of Birth1999
Age25 years old
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Model, Actress
Birth PlaceChandigarh, India
Marital StatusUnmarried
BoyfriendNot Known
NationalityCanadian (Indian-origin)
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight55 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth$100K (estimated)
EducationBusiness Administration (Toronto)
Primary EducationBrampton, Canada
SiblingsNot Known


Before Lavisha Malik was enrolled into a private university in Toronto, she studied at an intermediate level in Brampton. Lavisha later changed her course from business administration to performing arts, a subject that interested her most. She learnt the skills that she needed to succeed in competitive areas like modeling or using social media. Apart from lectures, she attended these classes in her school. In school, she took part in drama, fashion shows and other co- curricular activities. This helped her become more confident in what she could do best.

Physical Appearance

Her expressive black eyes and long black hair are some of the physical features that have made Lavisha Malik a recognizable figure. Lavisha stands at 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs about 55 kilograms, leading to her toned body that shows she practices a good diet with regular exercises. Her sense of fashion is very diverse as sometimes she wears Indian clothes while other times it’s modern outfits that she prefers from the West. She is committed to staying in shape. She often lets her social media followers know about her workout. 


At the beginning of her career, Lavisha Malik started as a model and attracted many fans with her grace and good looks during modeling shows. She later grew her modeling career into a social media career, becoming a popular figure on several key platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Lavisha’s social media journey started with her sharing content related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Her engaging posts and videos have garnered a large following.

  • Instagram- Lavisha typically shares posts on patterns of style, beauty advice plus an insight into challenges faced by her on a day to day basis, thus resulting in millions of followers. The look of her photos on Instagram is a combination of official photoshoots with a brand name, and personal events that reveal life and work. 
  • TikTok- Lavisha’s TikTok content has been presented in her short videos that exhibit her style in dressing and way of life have received a lot of attention, ranging from lip-syncing videos to quick beauty hacks and behind-the-scenes peeks at her modeling assignments.

Notable Work

Besides her online presence, Lavisha has worked together with various companies and has been featured in some adverts. They are the following:

  • Brand Endorsements

Lavisha has promoted various products like fashion, beauty, and electronics. She has partnered with some of the big brands like L’Oréal, H&M and Samsung, among others through which she has created awareness as well as attracted customers to their products.

  • Fashion Shows

Lavisha has showcased contemporary and traditional outfits for multiple designers. In Canada and the entire world, Lavisha is a fashion icon the designers wish to associate with, due to her all-roundedness as a model.

  • Music Videos

Lavisha has appeared in numerous music videos which further showcase her modeling versatility. She has been well received for her acting in these videos, thus broadening her portfolio.

There was a shift in Lavisha’s professional life when she joined forces with 22G Auto, a luxury car dealership in Brampton. It was here that she became so popular by serving as a sales representative and creating content for their social media platforms. She improved their online visibility using her marketing skills, which involved producing very interactive materials about high-end automobiles and component aspects.

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Not much is known about Lavisha’s family as she prefers to keep this out of social media. She is close to them and takes their guidance at every step.. Lavisha often attributes what she has accomplished to the backing and motivation of her loved ones. Her job schedule is always tight, but Lavisha often finds an opportunity to bond with her family.

Dating Life

Regarding her love life, it is known that she could be keeping it secret because she doesn’t want others to know who she’s dating. Up to this moment, no one has confirmed whether or not Lavisha Malik has a boyfriend. As for her career and self-growth, she chooses to ignore any distractions related to her romantic life. In turn, maintaining some personal privacy in such a manner gives one command over his or her life storyline without any interference by irrelevant other people. 

Net Worth

According to the estimation, Lavisha Malik’s net worth is approximately $100k. Her income streams comprise modeling gigs, sponsorships for brands, and collaborations on social media platforms, in addition to her job at 22G Auto. 

In essence, the combination of an expanding online presence and entrepreneurial drive has been instrumental in her successful money-making journey.

Future Aspirations

Lavisha Malik has ambitious plans for her future. These encompass: building her modeling career further, extending her range of influence within the entertainment industry and several other things.

Lavisha is highly interested in acting and wants to get into Bollywood soon, with the necessary work needed to help her perfect the art well. She longs to work with reputable film experts and stars while also getting to know more about film making, and learn how things are done effectively.

Lavisha has plans to start up a product company dealing in beauty and fashion related products. She wants her products to be of superior quality which can match well with her brand. She hopes that one day there will be inclusivity in skincare, clothing, and a one-stop shop for beauty essentials, with everything curated to perfectly match her unique style.

One of Lavisha’s main concerns is to utilize her platform to serve the betterment of society. For example, she has endeavored to speak for women’s empowerment, education, and care of mental health. She does this by working hand in hand with NGOs as well as engaging in such charitable matters.

 Lavisha would wish to establish an organization of her own that would cater to those kids who are less fortunate and ladies. Lavisha’s aspirations involve stretching her impact outside of India and Canada up to a global scope. She intends to work with global companies and personalities while presenting Indian fashion and beauty worldwide. Lavisha aims to foster global understanding of different expressions of beauty and narrow cultural disparity. 

Lavisha is currently working on a program that emphasizes healthy living. She intends to create more bodybuilding content such as exercises, nutrition, and health suggestions. This way she will not only help out her followers but also emerge as a holistic living example setter. 

In addition, she is looking into the possibilities of creating a fitness application that would give its users individual workout schedules coupled with nutritional suggestions.


Lavisha Malik, who currently resides in Canada, is a famous social media influencer, model, and aspiring actress. Her journey from Chandigarh to Canada is very inspiring for many people. She moved from one place to another because she wanted to establish herself in a social media space that was more vibrant than where she was in India. Lavisha is determined to reach even higher levels through her innovative ideas, well-thought-out strategy, and big dreams. Her perseverance and dedication she put into her professional life show us why it is so important to have a good work-life balance that suits both parties involved in that relationship.

Lavisha Malik possesses a forward-looking vision and definite objectives, which place her high on the ladder in the spheres of social media, modeling and entertainment. It’s important to recognize the example she sets with her dedication and hard work. Lavisha’s well- wishers anticipate her growth and look forward to her achieving greater heights in future.