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Alexia Putellas Partner, Relationships, Achievements & More

Alexia Putellas

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Alexia Putellas Segura, the name synonymous with dominance in women’s football, is not just a skilled midfielder but a true icon. Her trophy cabinet overflows with accolades, and her influence extends beyond the pitch.

The Spanish footballer currently plays for FC Barcelona in the Primera division. She has completed her Holders league and bagged three distinct league titles, further adding to her growing popularity.

Keep reading if you are curious to unfold details about Alexia Putellas’ partner, relationship, career achievements, and more.

Early Life

Born in 1994, Alexia’s passion for football blossomed at a young age. Playing alongside boys due to a lack of girls’ teams, she honed her technical skills and competitive spirit.

Despite the kind of popularity that Alexia has gained in her career, there seems to be very little information about her early life. She prefers keeping that part of her life out of the media focus and also wants to preserve her family’s privacy.

Besides being good academically, Alexia also stood out with her amazing talent on the field, which eventually landed her a spot at FC Barcelona Femení in 2012.

Relationships and Sexuality

Alexia Putellas
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With her rising fame and popularity, Alexia has also been quite open and vocal about her sexuality. She has come out as a lesbian and has time and time, advocated for equal opportunities for individuals, irrespective of their sexualities.

Alexia’s personal life has been under a lot of scrutiny following her coming out, with people wanting to know and explore more about her and her partners.

For a while, rumors swirled about a relationship with fellow footballer Jennifer Hermoso. The pair played together for both club and country and were often seen supporting each other’s careers. However, neither Alexia nor Jennifer ever officially confirmed the relationship.

In 2021, Alexia won the Ballon d’Or amidst these rumors, narrowly edging out Jennifer, who had a phenomenal goalscoring season. This fueled speculation about a potential rift, but no confirmation existed.

As of now, Alexia seems to be in a healthy and happy relationship with her girlfriend, Olga Rios. Rumors started about the two being together in 2022 when Alexia posted a picture of them together. During that time, the two didn’t confirm anything about their relationship but later confirmed dating.

That said, one rumor that has no basis is regarding Alexia’s marriage. She appears to be in a happy relationship and has not been married to anyone.

Career Trajectory

With the kind of push that Alexia received when she joined FC Barcelona, it doesn’t come as a surprise that she is one of the most powerful players on the team. Her vision, playmaking ability, and leadership have played an instrumental role in propelling the team’s growth and popularity, pushing them toward success.

Alexia has won the Primera División title (the top tier of women’s football in Spain) a staggering six times with Barcelona. She’s also secured five Copa de la Reina titles (the Spanish Women’s Cup) and four UEFA Women’s Champions League trophies, cementing Barcelona’s position as a European powerhouse.

Alexia’s brilliance has been recognized with numerous awards. In 2021, she became the first-ever Spanish player, male or female, to win the prestigious Ballon d’Or, the highest honor in football. She has also bagged the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award twice and the Premios Marca Deportista – Mejor Jugadora Femenina (Marca Sports Awards – Best Female Player) a record four times.

So, it’s safe to assume that Alexia’s career growth doesn’t await or require any introduction at all. Her awards speak for themselves.

Net Worth

Alexia Putellas
Source- Instagram

With the prominence that Alexia has gained in the football niche, her current net worth stands at a staggering $5 million. In addition to earning through her salaries, Alexia has also gained a lot of popularity on her socials, which has opened up another avenue of income for the football star.


Alexia Putellas is one of the leading female footballers in the current generation. With her hunger for success, it wouldn’t be surprising if she added more trophies to her collection in the upcoming years. One thing about the charming Alexia is her need to protect her privacy. She prefers keeping her professional and personal life separate and prioritizing safeguarding her private life instead of throwing it under the limelight.